Handprint Mitten Ornament

Another easy and inexpensive Christmas craft for toddlers!

This felt handprint mitten ornament will always remind you of how little your child’s hands once were.

felt handprint mitten ornament

There are plenty of handprint Christmas crafts floating around Pinterest these days, and I wanted to put a bit of a different spin on ours, so each of the hooligans made a felt hand print mitten ornament today.materials for felt handprint mitten ornament


Instead of an actual handprint, the Hooligans started by tracing the outline of their closed hand on a piece of cardboard.  tracing hand for felt handprint mitten ornament


We then glued a piece of felt to the back of that tracing, and I cut out their outlined hands.  Voila:  a mitten that represents the size of your child’s hand.felt handprint mitten ornament felt hand print mitten ornament


The Hooligans then glued some stretched out cotton balls to the cuff of their mittens, and decorated them with foam craft pieces and craft jewels.


Simple, quick and cute!  The perfect craft for a busy time of year!blue felt handprint mitten ornament pink felt handprint mitten ornament

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  1. diane hellman says

    I made felt mitten oraments several years ago. We made two mittens and used yarn to string together (also the hanger) to make a pair of mittens.

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