Hair Gel Sun Catchers for fall and Halloween

 Hair gel sun catchers: a fun and easy sensory craft for fall or a simple but engaging halloween activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

hair gel sun catchers cover photoThere are lots of ideas floating around these days that call for filling a ziplock bag with paint, or hair-gel, or slime, and I thought they looked like fun.  We made some today, and put a bit of a different spin on them, turning them into hair gel sun-catchers for fall and Hallowe’en.   

We just used no-name sandwich bags, which really aren’t terribly durable.  If you’re planning on using yours for lots of play, I’d recommend using a name brand baggie that can take a bit of abuse, and perhaps also taping the top shut to prevent possible leaks. We didn’t tape ours shut.  We like living on the edge sometimes.

How to make your hair gel sun-catcher:

Put a generous squirt of hair gel into a ziplock bag.  making a hair gel sun-catcher

colour mixing in a sandwich bagAdd a drop or two of food colouring, zip up the bag, and have the little ones mash that all around to tint the gel.

adding eyes to hair gel sun-catcher

Open the bag and drop your add-ins into the gel.  We made an orange bag, and added orange lentils and black styro cut-outs to make a pumpkin face.  Another bag we tinted green, and added googly eyes,, purple glitter, black beans, and a piece of soft, black wire, hoping it would look like Frankenstein.  It doesn’t really, but they still loved it.  The third bag, we tinted yellowy-orange, and added fall leaves and orange lentils (it’s my favourite).fall leaf lair gel sun-catcher

The Hooligans had a great time with the face bags, trying to create and re-create the jack-o-lantern, and Frankenstein.  The leaf bag didn’t work quite as well, as the leaves didn’t really want to budge in the gel.  3 fall hair gel sun-catchers

It did however, make a pretty sun-catcher, which made me think to tape them all to the window (tape them low enough that they can still be played with).

Cute?  I think so!!

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