Easter Playdough Activities for Toddlers

Here’s a fun Easter activity to keep the kids busy before the holiday arrives. Homemade Easter playdough for toddlers and preschoolers, in the softest shades of spring!

If you’ve been following along with us, you know how much I love coming up with themed playdough ideas! Today, I’m sharing the Easter playdough activity we had going on yesterday.  Your toddlers are going to love this one!

Easter Playdough Activities - homemade playdough stacked in a pile

First, you’ll need to need to make your Easter playdough!

Best homemade playdough recipe:

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Just look at the gorgeous spring shades of this playdough!  Aren’t they pretty?  I used The Imagination Tree’s  easy, no-cook playdough recipe.  Anna has all kinds of recipes for playdough, but this one is my favourite.    It’s always so soft and silky.  We can leave it out all day and it doesn’t dry up, and it will keep for months in an airtight container.

Getting the colours just right for pastel coloured playdough: 

homemade playdough in easter colours

The secret to getting these soft, pastel colours is to use very little Food colouring.  I used Wilton Icing Gels. I added just a tiny bit at a time, kneading it in until I was happy with the colour of my dough.  The Wilton Gels tend to intensify over time, so when you’re going for soft colours, less is more!

Making playdough for an Easter activity

Now it’s time to play!

Tools for your Easter playdough activities:

Don’t think you have to stick to cookie cutters and rolling pins when playing with playdough!  Think of interesting and unique items to provide for exploration!  That’s what I love best!  You can use almost anything for a playdough tool!  We used:

The girls had a great time creating easter bunnies with the googly eyes, buttons and feathers.

Easter bunny with homemade playdough

And they pressed and rolled the foam flowers into the dough to make imprints.

rolling foam flowers in playdough

They filled the plastic eggs with dough, and explored all of the materials while decorating their dough. It was a true sensory experience.

decorating easter playdough with feathers and buttons

Providing a variety of tools and embellishments allows kids to get really creative!  Have a look through your craft supplies to see what other supplies you can set out with your playdough activity!  Craft sticks, plastic straws, candles, beads, cocktail toothpicks!  The sky’s the limit!  When you think outside the box, you’ll come up with all kinds of ideas!

supplies for Easter playdough activités


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  1. Emily says

    I’m using your recipe from Valentine’s Day for chocolate playdough & we’re making “chocolate Easter bunnies”! :)

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