Smoosh-Painting: an Earth Day Craft for Kids

Fun and Easy Earth Day craft for kids!  Kids of all ages love this no-mess painting technique.  Quick and easy smoosh-painting is perfect for making a last minute Earth Day craft.

When I was thinking up Earth Day crafts to make with the hooligans, smoosh painting came to mind.  Kids just love smoosh-painting!  It’s a fun process, and seeing the paint colours blend together never gets old.  I love it because it’s a mess-free art project.

Earth Day Smoosh Painting

  This art activity is easy to set up and clean up!

supplies for Earth Day smoosh painting craft

We’ve done smoosh painting before to create a beautiful piece of collaborative artwork for our playroom, and also when we made our gorgeous fall collages.

Smoosh painting an Earth Day Craft:

I cut circles for this project, and we squirted a couple of shades each of blue and green on our circles.

Pop the circles in a plastic bag, press down to release any air in the bag, and start smooshing until your piece is covered.

When removing your artwork from the bag, try not to slide it against the bag, or your paint colours will just slide and smudge together.

smoosh painting for earth day

Not bad, are they?

earth craft painted by toddler

Want another easy Earth Day craft idea for toddlers?  Check out our Tissue Paper Earth Day Craft!

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  1. says

    Your crafts are always so wonderful. I love getting my daily email from you. Thank you for all of the fun ideas. We will be doing earth day smoosh painting tomorrow!


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