Baby Care Station – Pretend Play for Toddlers

doll diaper station

A few days ago, I set up this doll diaper station for the hooligans, complete with a doll bath, diapers, and play “wipes” made from white fabric (more on that in a minute).

Doll Diaper and Care Station pretend play set-up

The station has been set up in our playroom and it’s been really popular with our doll-lovers.

Today we moved it all outside, and I took some photos of the girls at play.

There’s the doll “bath”.  It’s too cold for water play so I tucked in some blue tissue paper “water”.

doll diaper station

A few empty bottles, soap pumps and shakers simulate shampoo, soap and talcum powder.  I added coloured tissue paper to one small bottle to make it interesting.

Another tray holds syringes, eye droppers, tooth-brushes and tongue depressors so the children can give their babies a check up.  A stack of towels and receiving blankets are handy for wrapping baby up after the bath.Doll Care Station

And the most popular part of the station is the diaper changing area.

A change pad to place baby on, a tub of homemade fabric “wipes”, a couple of diapers, (one made from a cloth napkin and velcro) and a jar of “cream” await.Pretend Diapers and homemade pretend wipes for play

I made a stack of these wipes the other day, and they’ve been a big hit.  I simply cut a few old white napkins in half so they were roughly the size of a real baby wipe.  pretend homemade wipes for doll play

I folded them in a way that when one is pulled out of the plastic tub, another one pops up, just like real wipes do.  Take a look at a stack of real diaper wipes or facial tissues and you’ll see what I mean, but basically you fold your “wipes” in half, and tuck them into each other in an overlapping to tuck homemade wipes in a wipes box

I made about a dozen, and I popped a piece of styrofoam into the bottom of the wipes container to raise the wipes up high enough that they could be easily grabbed through the hole in the container.preschooler taking care of doll at a diaper station

It’s been so sweet to watch the Hooligans nurturing and caring for their babies at this doll diaper station.

doll diaper station There has been much washing and wiping, swaddling and doctoring.  Temperatures have been taken, and diagnoses have been made: “this baby has a purple tongue!” was one that I overheard today.doll diaper station

And I captured this touching shot as I stood back and observed this morning.young girl with dollIf your child would enjoy this activity, you should have a peek at our baby bath station as well.  It involves water, and it was one of the Hooligans very favourite warm weather activities last Spring.

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Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans

8 comments to Baby Care Station – Pretend Play for Toddlers

  • Oh this is just fabulous! That must be a huge hit! I know my son would love this too. Thank you so much for sharing. I love this so much!

  • Nebraska Mama

    Pretty certain your ideas light up my life! This was SUCH a good idea and so simple any non-crafting mom (me) can do this. Seriously my girls were obsessed and I got dinner and dishes done. Keep it up!

    • happyhooligans

      Wow. Thanks for leaving such an awesome comment, Carolyn! You pretty much just made my day. :) Glad your girls had a great time with it (and that you got a few things done)!

  • teatime

    i love how you tell the little things,that most think i should know,when you do your’s normaly those things that keep me from doing a progect.thank you for being begginer friendly.i love your site!

    • happyhooligans

      You’re so welcome, and thanks for that comment! I often wonder if I’m being overly descriptive, and if people will think “Oh please, as if you needed to tell me that”, so I’m really glad to hear that you appreciate all the details! Thanks so much for following along, and for taking the time to drop me a line! x

  • Aurlie

    a message from France : thanks a lot for your beautiful site . I love the ideas you give to us (us who are poor mom’s with less imagination than you ;-) ), i love the way you explain them (easy to understand even if we are not a really good english speaker) and i absolutly love the photos . i will come back here again and again . Thanks to share. Aurlie

    • happyhooligans

      Thank you, Aurelie! I’m so glad you’re enjoying our activities! The wonderful thing about creating and playing with children is that it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. I love finding uses for things that we already have around the house, and turning them into fun and beautiful activities! I’m so happy that you’re getting inspiration from them! xx

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