Craft Stick Star Ornaments

Craft stick star ornaments: an easy christmas craft for toddlers and preschoolers.

We are well and truly in countdown mode now; the hooligans and I have only 2 days left together before we shut things down for the holidays.   Today we made craft stick star ornaments.  This is an easy Christmas craft for toddlers and preschoolers, but the results are so pretty and the supply list is short.

craft stick star ornament cover photo

Craft Stick Star Ornament supplies:

I used my hot glue gun to make the stars ahead of time, but if you have a low-heat glue gun (which I do, but I don’t have glue sticks for at the moment), your child, depending on his or her age, could help with this part or even do it on their own.  I’ve written before about using a low-heat glue gun with your child.  The hooligans love ours!

popsicle stick or craft stick star ornaments easy crafts for kids

How to  make a craft stick star:

Using your glue gun, make 2 triangles, and invert one triangle on top of the other, and glue those together.

close up of craft stick star ornaments

Now let your little ones paint their stars. Use a hairdryer to speed up the paint-drying process if necessary. Hey!  While I was blow-drying the stars I learned something that could come in quite handy one day.  If you ever need to UN-stick something that’s been hot-glued together,  just give it a blast for a minute or so with your hair dryer.  The heat is strong enough to soften and melt the glue!  I know this because the first star fell apart as I was speed-drying it. lol  Handy tip though, isn’t it? When the stars were dry, the hooligans jazzed them up with gems and jewels.

craft stick star ornaments

In the past, when we’ve made these stars, we’ve painted them white or gold, but today, I had the hooligans paint with whatever colour they wanted to, and I’m so glad they did. I love how bright and colourful they are!

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Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans

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