Cardboard Gingerbread House

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cardboard gingerbread house

Decorate a Cardboard Gingerbread House with craft and fabric scraps…


I actually had this Cardboard Gingerbread House activity all set to do with the hooligans last Christmas when, something that happens quite commonly occurred.  A very creative and talented blogging colleague of mine, Valerie from Inner Child Fun wrote about this toy gingerbread house activity she made for her kids.  It happens – we crafty mamas tend to think alike, especially when there’s a holiday them to plan our activities around.  While Valerie’s activity is quite different than mine, in that her house can be decorated over and over again, I decided to put my activity on hold until the following Christmas season.

Well, that year rolled around quickly!  Now, we’ve done a few gingerbread crafts in the past.  There were our scented, sandpaper gingerbread men, and our mini gingerbread house ornaments, but this large sized gingerbread house was a real treat!

cardboard gingerbread house activity

Gather your supplies and I’ll show you how to put this activity together for your hooligans!


Making my cardboard house:

I simply drew my shapes on a piece of paper, and then cut them out.  I then traced them on to a thick piece of cardboard and cut those pieces out.  Sorry there’s not a printable for you.  I’m not that technically inclined (yet).

cardboard gingerbread pieces

Ignore the door and windows.  I must’ve mis-placed them at some point during the past year, and then totally forgot they ever existed.

I used a hot glue gun to put all of my pieces together.

Decorating our cardboard gingerbread house:

To start, I poured a couple of colours of brown paint, and the hooligans covered the sides and the roof of the house.

painting the gingerbread house

Next, I gave them a piece of quilt batting that I’d cut to roughly match the size of the roof, and they coated the roof with glue, and pressed the batting on.

Then I gave them the sectioned tray full of crafty odds and ends, and the fun began!

crafty odds and ends for decorating cardboard gingerbread house

 The girls spend ages gluing bits and pieces all over their house, and decking it out like a real gingerbread house!rooftop collage

The great thing about a cardboard gingerbread house though, is that it will last forever, and no-one will nibble on it!

You’ll be able to pull it out and enjoy it year after year!

To see all of our easy and affordable Christmas crafts and activities, check out my Hooligans Xmas pinboard!

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Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans
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