Bird Seashell Ornaments

Bird seashell ornaments.  An easy Christmas nature craft for kids…

The hooligans and I have made some pretty cute Christmas Crafts over the years; there are our toilet roll snowmen, our toilet roll reindeer, our CD snowman ornaments, and our adorable owls.  I think we can safely say we have a new one to add to the over-the-top-cute collection!  Check out these adorable bird seashell ornaments!
seashell bird ornaments

Crafting with natural items:

Crafting with items like seashells, sticks and stones is a great way for your children to connect with the natural world that surrounds them.  Collecting natural elements for crafting gets you out in the fresh air, and walk through the forest or the on the beach is easier on the wallet than a walk through the craft store!  You can see some of our other nature crafts here: twig star ornaments, summer stars, twiggy tree ornaments, rainbow wind chimes.

Thanks to my aunt who vacations in Florida every winter, we have quite a large seashell collection. I’ve had it in my head for a while now to make some Christmas ornaments with a few of our shells; I wasn’t quite sure what kind of ornament we’d make.  Then last week when I was organizing our craft cupboards, I came across our craft feathers, and the lightbulb went on.  We’d use our seashells to make some bird ornaments!

seashell-bird christmas tree ornaments


Here’s what we used to do it:

supplies for bird seashell ornaments

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And this is how we turned made our bird – seashell ornaments:

The hooligans started by painting their seashells with acrylic craft paints.

To speed up the drying process, I gave the shells a blast with the hairdryer.

Then a generous coat of glitter glue was applied to the shells.

painting seashell Christmas ornaments (collage)


To turn our seashell ornaments into birds, the hooligans glued on some craft feathers, googly eyes and a beak.

homemade christmas ornaments from seashells


I attached a length of thin cord with a glue gun.

Aren’t these just the cutest little ornaments?

painted seashell bird ornaments


Yeah, there are lots of photos..

pink and purple seashell bird ornament


But each bird ornament was so cute and unique, and I wanted you to see them all!

bird christmas ornament made from a seashell


Who knew a seashell could be this cute?

Bird Seashell Ornaments!  An easy homemade Christmas decoration for kids.

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  1. Barbara says

    Jackie, You’re my favorite Blogger! I’ve used several of your ideas since finding your site this fall. Love that your projects are fun for kids with varied skill levels, and use materials that are free or easily accessed. Thanks for sharing! Barbara, Daycare Provider in Minnesota

    • happyhooligans says

      Thank you, Barbara! I never get tired of hearing that our crafts are inspiring other parents and caregivers to try them at home with their hooligans! And to know I’m your favourite blogger Well that just makes my day! Thank YOU for following along, Barbara, and for providing your little ones with lots of crafty experiences. xx

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