Homemade Water Wall for Kids

Add a homemade water wall is a fantastic addition to a backyard play area!  With a few scraps and some recyclables, you can provide hours of learning, entertainment and water play for your toddler or preschooler!

A couple of years ago, I was so inspired by all of the water walls featured at  Let the Children Play that I decided to make one of my own!   Of all the backyard water play activities we’ve done over the years, our water wall remains one of our very favourites!  Today I’m showing you how easy it is to make a homemade water wall for your own backyard!

building a water wall

Don’t think for a minute that making a water wall is complicated.  It might look like it is, but it was a really easy DIY project that came together quite quickly after I figured out what I would use for my actual “wall”.

What can you use to make a water wall?

I used two pieces of an old bench which worked out really well as there are two sides for the kids to play at.  Mine also folds up and tucks away at the end of the day, which is a bonus. You could also use a board, a wooden fence, a chain link fence, a piece of lattice etc.

 Pop over, and check out Jenny’s water wall post to see if there’s a board that will work for you.

make your own water wall

How to make a homemade water wall for kids:

I went through the recycling bin and rummaged through our cupboards to find various bottles and containers to use.  I also had an old piece of pool-hose which worked really well.

I attached the containers to the wood with a staple gun, just kind of lining things up and pouring water through to make sure the placement was right before I stapled.

If you’re using lattice or chain link fence for your wall, you can attach your containers with zip-ties, heavy duty twist ties or florist’s wire.

containers and hoses for homemade water wall

Reycycle that water!

To keep water consumption down, I place a couple of plastic bins at the bottom of the water wall so the water can be re-used as they play.  The kids LOVED it.  The first day that I introduced the water wall, the hooligans played at it for over an hour.  It was a huge hit!

You can make a sand wall too!

Our water wall was so popular, I used a similar process to make a sand wall for our sandbox!

homemade sand wall

I had a piece of scrap lattice which I fastened to the sandbox/playhouse with screws, and I attached the containers by poking holes in them, and securing them to the lattice with long twist ties.

Both the water wall and the sand wall were easy to make and they provide hours of entertainment and fun!

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