Stamped Flower Craft with Corks and Buttons

Here’s a really easy spring craft for kids to make this season!

These adorable cork-stamped flowers will brighten up a table-top or window-sill or any little corner of your home!

We are so ready to say goodbye to winter, and dive into some spring crafting.  Thehooligans are off  for spring break this week, and I’ve been playing around with some flower craft ideas that I’ve had in my head for a while now.

Spring flower craft for kids - stamping with corks - happy hooligans

The hooligans love stamping, so I often make homemade stamps with things I have around the house.  These flower stamps are my latest invention.  They are fun to make!  When I tested our stamps them to see how they would work, I had so much fun that I couldn’t stop!  Before I knew it, I was elbow deep in colourful, stamped paper flowers!

supplies for cork and button flower craft

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Before you all ask me just how much wine we drink around here, let me explain.  We kind of collect wine corks.  We hang on to ours, and our friends give us theirs.  Why?  Because wine corks are great for fine motor activities, and we’ve made some excellent homemade stamps with them!

Turning your corks into flower stamps:

For today’s craft, I made 2 flower stamps:  a small pansy stamp (3 corks),

corks for stamping flowers

 and a larger flower stamp (7 corks).

larger flower stamp made from corks

To make your stamps, simply assemble them on a flat surface, and secure with a rubber band.

If you don’t have enough corks, fear not!  I made a few flowers by dipping and stamping a single cork!

stamping a flower with a single cork

Let’s get stamping!

Drizzle 3 colours of paint on to your styrofoam tray.

drizzled paint for stamped flower craft

Now, press a cork stamp into the paint.  You may have to move it around slightly to get good coverage.  Go easy though, you don’t want your colours to all blur together.

Press your stamp down firmly on your white card stock.  Lift and….  aren’t they PRETTY?

Flowers stamped with corks

Dip back into your paint and stamp again, and again!  You may find it rather addictive.  You’ll understand how I got carried away. :)

Let your paint dry, and then cut out your flowers.

pansies with button centres, stamped with corks

Glue a button to the centre of each flower.  I used my glue gun.  Kids can use a low temp glue gun, or they can use regular white glue.

table full of cork stamped flowers

Glue a straw to the back of each flower, and pop them into a little vase or jar.

vase displaying stamped flowers

I love these little egg-cups.  I filled them with buttons, and tucked in a flower.

cork stamped flowers in egg cups - easy flower craft for kids

What do you think?  Isn’t it just the prettiest, little flower craft going?

I’ll be sharing more with you when the hooligans return!

Meanwhile… check out these adorable egg carton flowers they made over at Mod Podge Rocks!

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  1. says

    Yup! Just gorgeous. What mama wouldn’t want flower like this made by their little ones? Perfect Jackie :) I can’t wait to make some myself with my little guy. Brilliant. Sharing all over. Oh, can I just say brilliant again 😉

  2. says

    Thanks, Jackie. A great little Easter gift for my boys’ teachers! And we’ve got LOOOOOOAAAAAADS of wine corks- and proud of it!

  3. says

    This looks perfect for my little one. He loves stamping and I love that you can get such a beautiful effect from such an easy craft. Have pinned! #pintorials

  4. says

    These cork-stamped flowers look gorgeous! I would love to have these lovely flowers to decorate our living room, especially they are handmade by my kids. Thanks for sharing!

  5. says

    Jackie, I just have to stop by and tell you how much I love these! Recently my 4-yr-old decided she wanted to make a gift for her grandma. We were browsing Pinterest, she saw these, and asked to make them. She made a whole bouquet of these cork flowers for her grandma, lovingly presented in a clear plastic cup. They were beautiful and grandma loved them!! Thank you!

  6. Emily says

    Hi there! Just dropping a note to let you know that AllFreeKidsCrafts featured this project in a recent newsletter, and it was a hit! We hope you received some great traffic from it :)

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