Spooktacular Halloween Owls

Spectacular Halloween Owls: toilet rolls, buttons and feathers, oh my…

I am such a sucker for a cute craft!  I’m also a huge fan of using recyclables for crafting here in my home daycare.  So, our most recent fall craft, these adorable toilet roll “spooktacular Halloween Owls”  totally won me over!  They’re just too cute for words.

This owl craft was actually inspired by the Adorable Owl Craft that we did a few years back.  This year, our  youngest hooligan is quite smitten with owls, so I thought it would be fun to put a new spin on an old favourite for her.

spooktacular hallowe'en owls

Now, you may argue that these guys don’t exactly look like owls.  I kind of agree.  I’m thinking they look a little more like crows, but we’re not going to point that out to the toddler.  She loves them!

To make your toilet roll owls, you’ll need:

supplies for toilet spook-tacular toilet roll halloween owls

  • toilet roll tubes
  • paint
  • large buttons
  • craft feathers
  • glue (I thought we might need hot glue, but school glue was fine)
  • yellow felt or cardstock (for beak)

Making and decorating your owls:

I cut our toilet rolls into various lengths so each of our owls would look unique, and the little one had  a great time painting them up.

painting a toilet roll


When they were dry, she brushed on a generous amount of white glue.  The “generous” bit was perfect because our button-eyes were large, and therefore, quite heave, but they held in all that glue.

brushing glue on to the toilet roll owl

Next came the beak and the feathers.

sticking the eyes and beak onto the toilet roll owl


applying more glue to the owl

Then we sat them in the sun and let them dry.

black halloween owl with blue and green feathers


turqoise halloween owl with orange feathers

Ok, is it just me, or are these just too cute?

black toilet roll owl with orange and purple eyes

I can’t decide which I love best, our new Halloween Owls or our vibrant Adorable Owls.   Which ones are your favourite?

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  1. says

    This is going to sound odd, but you are who my daughter is going to grow up to be. She is forever crafting and she cannot throw anything out. It makes me nutty. I can craft with that she says. I love the creativity, but not her messes. This is adorable and I am sure we will make them. Our school mascot is the owl Hibou. Love this.

    • happyhooligans says

      Oh, that’s funny, Paula! Yep, sounds like she’d be perfect in the early childhood field. Teacher Tom has actually written a post about him being a “bag lady” – collecting and hoarding junk for his preschool. lol

  2. says

    Oh my. These are so, SO cute!! I think we’re going to have to make some ASAP…my daughter will be in crafting heaven. We are huge suckers for cute too! I’m pinning this to my (CarlaINHouston) Fall & Apples board–thanks so much for sharing!!

    • happyhooligans says

      Thanks, Carla! Glad you liked them so much! I hope you do try them. And I’d love to see yours if you do!

  3. says

    Cute, Cute, CUTE! There’s got to be a song about 5 little owls to accompany … or I’ll make one up! These are adorable and we are going to have so much fun making them! Thanks for the creative idea!

  4. says

    So adorable! Just letting you know I’m featuring this post on this week’s Tuesday Tots post on Learn with Play at home. Thanks for linking up :)

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