Skeleton Footprint Craft for Halloween

Skeleton footprint craft for toddlers and preschoolers!  A fun and easy halloween craft to make with footprints and styrofoam!

Who’s up for another Halloween craft?  If you made our  halloween handprints yesterday, you may have plenty of styrofoam “bones” left over.  These halloween “skeleton” footprints are a great way to use them up!

Halloween Skeleton Footprint craft

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the ‘bones” were simply pieces of a painted styrofoam meat tray that I cut into narrow strips, and the hooligans further chopped into small pieces.

painted styrofoam strips are the "bones" for a skeleton foot craft

We changed things up a little bit with our skeleton feet, but for the most part the process is the same as it was in yesterday’s post.

To make this Halloween footprint craft, you’ll need:

  • white paint
  • black styrofoam meat tray (sterilized in dishwasher)
  • strips of painted styrofoam (see yesterday’s skeleton craft for details)
  • glue
  • paintbrush
  • bowl of warm, soapy water/towel (optional, but makes for easy clean-up)

Stamping your footprints:

To make the hooligans’ footprints, I sat each child on a low stool and painted their foot with black paint.

This is of course a wonderful sensory experience, and each child was happy to share how the paint felt on the sole of their foot: “It’s slippery”, “it’s cold”, “it’s soft”, and “it’s ‘wery wery’ wet” were a few of the descriptive phrases we heard.

Then I helped each child to carefully step down onto the styrofoam tray, and I gently pressed each toe down so we’d have a solid impression of the foot.

Adding the “bones”:

A quick blast with the hairdryer had the painted footprints dry in a matter of seconds, and the girls proceeded to glue the “bones” to their skeleton feet.

3 white painted footprints on styrofoam meat trays

And at the end of the day, this is what each hooligan took home with them!

skeleton hand and foot crafts


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