Roadways in the leaves!

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Remember being a kid, and all the hours you could spend playing in the fall leaves? Jumping into them, raking them into houses and trails and mazes… Here’s another fun idea that kept the hooligans busy for a few days. We made roadways in the leaves, and they spent hours pushing their cars and trucks around and around the yard.

fall leaf activities for kidsWe were having more fun in our leaves today!   Gotta make the most of them while they’re here!ways to play with fall leaves

If you loved our leaf maze last week, you’ll love this!  This was an even bigger hit with the Hooligans!

This morning, I re-configured yesterday’s leaf maze to make roadways in the leaves for the hooligans to  push their diggers and trucks around in.  fall maze for play

I always base the fun-factor of an outside activity on this:  how long they stay at it before heading to the sandbox and playhouse, because that’s the most popular area of our yard.  kids playing in fall leaves

Well, believe it or not, they didn’t even venture into the sandbox or playhouse this morning.  Clearly, this was the place to be today!fall leaf play

Hmmmm…  Leaf Labyrinth, Leaf Maze and now Roadways in the leaves…  I wonder how else we can use them before the season is over…backyard maze with fall leavesJust an update:  Our weather continued to be dry all week and we had very little wind.  These roadways stayed in great shape all week, and the hooligans spent countless hours playing in them.  Our roadways in the leaves provided a wonderful setting for imaginative play as the hooligans pretended they were rooms in a house, bunny trails, a race track and pathways in the forest.

Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans
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