Puffy Paint Valentines Cards for Kids to Make

Make Puffy Paint Valentines Cards using our 3-ingredient puffy paint recipe!  Such a fun Valentines craft for kids.

Homemade puffy paint is very easy to make with 3 common kitchen ingredients and a bit of water.  We’re crafting up a storm for Valentines Day here in my home daycare right now.  Have you seen all the Valentines crafts and activities that we’ve been busy with? Today I thought it would be fun to make some puffy paint Valentines cards and hearts with the hooligans.

The cards turned out great, and if you wanted to, you could also use the puffy hearts to make ornaments or garlands for Valentines Day.

Happy Hooligans' Homemade Puffy Paint Valentines Cards

What you’ll need to make your puffy paint Valentines:

How we made our puffy paint Valentines cards and hearts:

Cut your cardboard into rectangles just a little larger than your hand.

With a black crayon, draw a heart.  Press firmly on the crayon, and go over your lines if necessary, so they’re nice and dark.  You can leave some hearts blank, or you can draw some designs to fill in with your paint like I did here:

White heart with black crayon for puffy paint Valentines project

If you’re making ornaments or a garland, punch the holes in your hearts before painting and baking.
If you’re making a card, fold your card stock and crease it before painting.  Open it back up to paint and bake it.

Using your Q tip, apply a thick layer of paint onto your heart.

Child paints Valentines hearts with home-made puffy paint.

The younger children tend to “paint” with their Q-tips, but older children can be encouraged to puddle their paint and dab it around with their Q-tip to make their designs.

Puffy paint Valentines heart with coloured sections

Because the paint is so thick, you can also create a layered painting like the one I made here on a piece of red card stock:

Heart made by layering colours of homemade puffy paint

Put your painting in the microwave for 20-30 seconds to cook it and puff your paint up.  In the past I’ve gone with 30 seconds.  For our Valentines hearts, I went with 20 seconds.  Both times worked equally well.

Aren’t the results gorgeous?

Homemade Valentines card and 2 cardboard hearts made with homemade puffy paint

Now you’re ready to add a message to your card or to string your ornaments and garlands.

Puffy Paint Valentines Hearts for garlands or ornaments

Wouldn’t these look beautiful brightening up a window or doorway?

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