Pretend Play with Artifical Flowers

Pretend play with artificial flowers – a fun, Springtime water play activity for your backyard play space.

Recently, the hooligans enjoyed a morning of pretend play with artificial flowers, and the activity was completely child-led. On Friday, the older hooligans ran out into the backyard, while I remained inside getting the little ones organized and ready to go out.

We were just inside the sliding glass doors, and as I was getting splash pants and rubber boots on the littles, I could see that one of the 3’s had a toy watering can, and he was scooping water from our pond, carrying it over to the garden, and pouring it on the tiny green shoots that are starting to peek out of the soil.

pretend play with artificial flowers

When we stepped outside, he ran to the sandbox, and grabbed a bunch of artificial flowers. (Don’t you love where this is going?)

Hang on, I have to tell you about our artificial flowers.

Artificial flowers for play:

.artificial flowers for play

Our artificial flowers are one of the most popular “loose parts” in our play space. I picked up several bunches of them at at a second-hand store a few years ago, and they’re used in some way every day.  From “weddings”, to decorating the playhouse and flower shops in the sandbox, our flowers are spark ideas for imaginative play every day. You couldn’t ask for a less expensive “toy”. Pick some up the next time you’re in a thrift shop or the dollar store and see what your children do with them at your house.

Back to our activity.  My little guy ran back up to the garden with his flowers, and I watched as he bent down, and twisted the bunch of flowers into the earth.  Then he ran back to the pond and resumed his watering duties.   pretend garden play

And that is how our morning activity was born. pretend play with flowers

Because I didn’t want the littles dipping watering cans into the pond (there’s just too much potential there for someone to end up going for a swim) I suggested that we get more of our artificial flowers and move them into some barren flowerpots.  pretend play - watering fake flowers

I filled (and refilled and refilled…) a large bowl and a bucket with water, and the hooligans spent the better part of the morning tending to their flowers.pretend garden play with fake flowers and watering cansIMG_7075

What a great Spring time activity!  Easy, inexpensive and fun!  Just the way we like it!pretend play in the garden - easy bug headbands

If you’re curious about the headgear our little gardener is wearing in the above photo, click here to see how to make our Easy Bug Headbands.

pretend play with artificial flowers - happy hooligans

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  1. says

    Gorgeous! I’d love for my bugs to be able to go for a play with your hooligans one day! (Unlikely, as we live in Spain ;-))

    Enjoy the rest of spring!


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