Fall Popcorn Tree Craft {for Preschoolers}

As much as I’m sad to see summer come to an end, I really do love the crafting for fall with the hooligans.  Fall leaves, red, juicy apples and all of the vibrant colours that autumn brings provide us with lots of things to explore and learn about.  Today, we’re exploring the colours of fall, making an adorable, easy,fall popcorn tree craft.  Kids will love shaking up some colourful fall leaves to decorate their twig trees.Fall Popcorn Tree

How we made our fall trees with coloured popcorn:

Today, we popped a bag of microwave popcorn (the buttery kind) for snack, and saved a few handfuls for our craft.

shaking popcorn in a baggy with tempera powdered paint

We divided those handfuls into 3 piles and put them into zippy bags, along with a spoonful of Tempera Paint Powder.

Then we went outside for a little shakey-shakey.sticks and coloured popcorn laid out for popcorn trees

I had previously used my glue gun to attach some small twigs to cardboard, so the Hooligans could get straight to work.children gluing popcorn to twigs

They got busy with their popcorn and glue, and check out the results!3 popcorn trees

Just a heads up: we started by dipping a Q-tip into the glue, and dabbing it on the page, but popcorn is all lumpy and awkward, and really called for bigger gobs of glue, so we ended up just squeezing the glue straight from the bottle and then pressed the corn on.  That worked better.  Later, when I had to attach some bits that hadn’t stuck properly, I discovered that DIPPING the popcorn in the glue, and then gently pressing the corn on to the paper is the BEST method by far. Anyway, there you have it.  Really quite simple, and very pretty.  I like the versatility of the popcorn.  I’m thinking pastels at Easter, Red and Green at Christmas  The popcorn could even be colourful ornaments on a Christmas Tree craft. Who knew those little kernels had so much potential? :)

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