paint print ghosts

We started out doing some ghost-writing this morning.   I got the idea over at Teach Preschool recently (go have a look!), and the Hooligans really enjoyed it.

That soon turned into painting on black construction paper with the Q-tips.

  Miss Mess particularly enjoyed this, and stuck with it much longer than the boys did.  They were eager to get back to their playing, as this was our second craft of the morning.  We’d already made our Tissue Mummies.  One craft is usually all that they have the patience for, but it was cold and rainy this morning, and we were stuck inside, so I was kind of pushing my luck.  Anyway, Miss Mess worked away happily, until she was satisfied with her work.  

When she finished, I called the boys back, and handed out smaller pieces of black construction paper so they could make prints with the left-over paint. (Forgive my blurry pics today, I’m playing with the settings on my new DSLR camera, and clearly, I am in need of some photography classes!)

They just pressed their paper into the paint tray, and lifted it off to reveal a “print’.  And, whaddaya know?

The prints looked like they would make some fine, little ghosts, so we let them dry, and added some button-eyes!

Voila!  Paint print ghosts!  Aren’t they sweet?

Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans

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