More Outdoor Play Ideas

A collection of outdoor play ideas for kids:

It’s so important for kids to spend lots of time outdoors in the fresh air, moving their bodies, strengthening their muscles, developing gross motor skills and connecting with nature.

Here’s a short list of some of our favourite outdoor play ideas to get those bodies moving!

 Make a waterside with a tarp and some shampoo!

homemade water slide


Place a kiddy pool or rubber raft at the bottom of your slide!

Squirt some paint on a sheet of cardboard, turn on the music and dance!

Gather up some loose parts and make an obstacle course!

make a snow slide!

Fill a bucket with water, give the kids some sponges or “splat balls”, and have a water-fight!

Go hiking!

Rake up a fall maze or labyrinth!

On a rainy day, bring the radio out to a sheltered area and dance!

Find a hill for climbing up and rolling down. The Hooligans can do this for-ever!

Head to the beach and throw stones!

It doesn’t have to be fancy for the kids to have a blast!  You provide the room to run, and they’ll provide the energy!  Now, GO!

Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans

2 comments to More Outdoor Play Ideas

  • Is that your backyard? Looks amazing!! We’re both in the KBN. Enjoying your blog! We’re working on our backyard right now, so I love poking my head in other’s backyards virtually!

    • happyhooligans

      Yes, it is our yard, Jennifer. We’re so fortunate to have this space! I’d love to see what you do with your yard! Feel free to link up pics on my Happy Hooligans f/b/ page!

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