Tissue Paper Torch – an Olympic Craft with a Cardboard Tube

Tissue Paper Torch – an easy cardboard tube craft for kids to make for the Olympics.

Are you following the Olympics closely at your house?  I know the hooligans are watching with their parents, so we’ve been doing some Olympic crafts here.  Last week, we took a thrift shop painting, and upcycled it into this awesome piece of Olympic Ring Art for our play room.  And yesterday we did this quick and easy Olympic torch craft.  Now the kids have something to hold onto and wave proudly while they’re watching the games at home, and cheering on the on the participants.

Happy Hooligans - Olympic Torch craft for kids.

What you’ll need to make your Olympic torch:

supplies for Olympic torch craft

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  • carboard tubes (we re-used the aluminum foil rolls that we used to make our Olympic Ring Art)
  • gold paint
  • red, orange and yellow tissue paper
  • paint brushes

How to make a cardboard torch:

We started by painting our cardboard tubes gold.  For the first coat, we used acrylic gold (metallic) paint.  I gave the tubes a blast with the hairdryer to dry the paint quickly, and then the kids gave them a second coat with a brighter metallic kids paint.

painting cardboard tubes to make Olympic torches

When the tubes were dry we layered some red, orang and yellow sheets of tissue paper on the table.  I demonstrated to the hooligans how to grasp the tissue paper in the centre, and pick all of the layers up together.  Then they gave their tissue paper “flames”  twist, and we stuffed it into one end of each of the tubes.

Layers of yellow, red and orange tissue paper for Olympic Torch craft

Let the games begin!

child holding hand crafted Olympic torch

Check out our Olympic Ring Art too!  We upcycled a thrift shop canvas into a gorgeous piece of custom artwork for our play room!

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    This is too cute ! I can imagine them running around the house hosting their own Olympics. Thanks Jackie for sharing on Playful Preschool at The Educators’ Spin On it! I’ve shared it on our Olympic Pinterest Board!

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