Homemade Name Puzzle – Learning to Spell our Names

Learning to spell with a homemade name puzzle:

A homemade name puzzle is easy to make and fun to play with.  Not only will this activity help to teach your child to spell his or her name, fine motor and cognitive skills will be challenged as well.  You can even add sensory interest by cutting your letters out of textured paper.homemade name puzzle

I cut our letters out of wall paper samples.  You can ask your local paint and wallpaper shop if they have any expired sample books that they’d be willing to part with.  My local guy was more than happy to send me off with 5 books that he would otherwise have thrown in the trash.

You can’t tell by the photos, but the textures of the letters are awesome.  Little fingers are going to love playing with these.  Some are bumpy, some are velvety, some feel like tweed, or vinyl, or rubber.  Very very cool indeed.

easy homemade name puzzle

Space your letters out generously on a piece of thick paper or cardboard and glue in place.  Then cut the letters apart in jig-saw fashion.

Litte ones of all ages will enjoy exploring the textured letters while learning to spell their names!


  1. Gaye Ellison says

    I love this idea. As a former Kindergarten teacher, I thought you might want to consider doing the first letter of their name in upper case and the following letters in lower case because that’s how they will be expected to write it that way. Just an idea!


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