Easter Egg Table Toppers – Painting with Q-tips

Toddlers and preschoolers will have fun painting with Q-tips while making these easy, Easter Egg table toppers!  

This is a really quick, last-minute Easter craft for kids to do before the weekend arrives!  These Easter Egg table toppers were a really easy to make, and to add some interest to the activity, we used Q-tips dipped in paint to decorate them!  They’re going to look so pretty decorating our Easter dinner table!

Easter Egg table toppers - painted with q-tips

To make your Easter egg table toppers, you’ll need:

supplies for last minute easter craft

  • paint in various Easter colours
  • glitter paint (optional)
  • Q-tips
  • cardboard (cereal box weight)
  • cardboard roll (tp roll, kitchen roll, wrapping paper roll etc.)
  • paintbrushes
  • scissors

Painting our Easter Eggs:

To start, I cut some “eggs” out of a piece of lightweight cardboard I had.  Then the hooligans chose the colours that they wanted to paint their eggs.  It was no surprise that all three wanted pink and purple.  I poured the paint into a pallet for the preschoolers to share, and the toddler got a styrofoam tray all to herself.  I tend to give the toddlers and preschoolers separate pallets when we’re working on something like this because the older kids don’t appreciate the toddlers mixing the colours all together.

Toddler painting easter eggs

The kids painted their eggs front and back (a quick blast with the hairdryer dries the paint quickly), and then they got busy decorating with the Q-tips.

preschoolers painting with Q-tips on cardboard Easter Eggs

If you haven’t tried painting with Q-tips, you should give it a try!  Kids love it!  It’s fun to paint with something other than paintbrushes, and the Q-tips were perfect for making dots, dashes and squiggly lines on our eggs.

Toddler decorating easter eggs with her fingertips

The toddler quickly discovered that fingers are perfect for the job too! And yes, that is paint on her chin as well.  This one is not afraid of a little mess!

The girls finished up by adding a little sparkle to their eggs with a bit of glitter paint.

Easter Egg table topper painted with Q-tips - Happy Hooligans

Making a stand for your table toppers:

To make the stand for your Easter eggs, paint a cardboard roll, and cut it into 1.5 inch segments.  Snip two notches, opposite each other, in each segment and insert your cardboard egg!

Wasn’t that easy?  Your child will be thrilled to see these simple decorations on your family’s Easter table this weekend!


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