Homemade Water-Slide

How to make a homemade water slide for your backyard with nothing more than a camping tarp a garden hose and a bottle of shampoo!

When the warm spring temperatures finally arrive, my daycare kids love playing with water.  A backyard water slide is one activity that they ask for year after year.  A homemade water slide is super-easy to make.  It won’t cost you more than the price of an inexpensive camping tarp, and it will provide your kids with hours and hours of good, old-fashioned fun.

Easy Homemade Water-Slide - Happy Hooligans

I’ve been making these water slides since my own teenage boys were young.

diy water-slide tarp garden hose

How to make a homemade water-slide:

There are a couple of things you can use for a homemade water slide.

1. Sometimes I use the heavy-duty clear plastic that we line our backyard skating rink with.  It’s really sturdy and super-slippery.

2. Today I’m using a basic camping tarp.  Both the clear plastic sheeting and these camping tarps are available at most hardware stores.

hang hose over clothes line forhomemade water slide

I spread the tarp out over a small slope in the yard, hung the garden hose up over the clothes-line, and chose a light spray setting.  I used that little clip thingy on the hose nozzle to hold the trigger down so the hose would stay on.   Then I drizzled some cheap shampoo over the tarp to make it slippery.  You don’t want to miss this step.  The kids won’t be able to really slide without it.  Just pick up a bottle of shampoo or dish detergent at the dollar store.  You don’t want to spend much because you’re going to use a lot of it keeping the tarp slippery.  We went through the whole bottle today, but I got it for a dollar so no biggie.

That’s it, that’s all: tarp, hose, shampoo.  I told you it was easy! :)  Check out how much fun they had!  They spent the whole morning slipping and sliding.

diy water slide with mild shampoo


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