Dinosaur Activity Bin

The Hooligans are just loving the small world play these days, so today I set up this dinosaur activity bin.   It’s a combination of a small world, sensory bin and water play all wrapped up into one fun activity for kids.  What’s not to love?

With the temps as warm as they’ve been, we’ve been doing lots of cool water activities here this week.    Our Ocean bin was a huge hit  yesterday.  The morning, I drained it, and re-arranged things for today’s dinosaur activity bin.

Dinosaur Activity Bin

I added a some rocks, stones and pebbles from our beloved stone collection, some plants from the garden and a couple of chunky sticks that have been in the sandbox for the past year or so.

croc in dinosaur activity bin

I scooped most of the rocks to one end of the bin to form a “beach” and I poured in a jug of water that I coloured with a few drops each of blue and green food colouring.examples of materials in dinosaur activity bin

Then I added all the dinosaurs and reptiles I could find.   The Hooligans loved it.real plants from the garden for dinosaur activity bin

Who wouldn’t?  This is such a great way to keep cool on a hot day.  And it’s so easy to pull an activity like this together.  Just a few items and a basin of water.

aquatic animals in dinosaur sensory bin

Inexpensive and simple but it encourages such imaginative play.dinosaur water bin - happy hooligans

If your Hooligans are very young, and stones and beads are a choking concern for you, leave them out.  They’ll be happy to just have the animals in the water.  The baby was trying to mess around with things when I was setting up the bin, so I tossed a couple of fish and some corks into the bowl of water that the Hooligans wash their hands in when we’re outside, and she was more than happy splashing around in that while I did what I had to do.

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