{Adorable} Craft Stick Santa, Elf and Reindeer Ornaments

I have some more easy and adorable Christmas ornaments to share with you today, and I have to say the cuteness factor is almost too much to take here.

That’s ok though because that’s the way we like our crafts!  Easy, inexpensive and to cute for words!  And I’m hoping you’ll agree that that’s exactly what our little craft stick Santa, elf and reindeer are!

craft stick santa elf and reindeer

Yesterday was a Professional Development day here, which means the teachers were at school, but their kids were not, so I had a couple of my favourite hooligan graduates with me for the day.  I love it when they join me because they’re expert crafters, and they’d craft all day if I let them, so we get lots of great stuff made when they’re here.  Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing more of our creations in the days to come.

These craft stick ornaments were so simple to make, but oh my gosh, are they ever adorable!  Let me show you just how easily they came together!

To make our craft stick Santa, elf and reindeer, you’ll need:


  • wide craft sticks
  • cotton balls
  • red, green, brown paint
  • googly eyes
  • buttons
  • tape
  • small pom-poms
  • brown pipe cleaners
  • glue gun
  • thin cord (for hanging)

Making your craft stick ornaments:

When we started out, we were only going to make craft stick Santas.  Here’s what we did:

painting craft stick santas

We started by taping off the face area of the craft stick.  The kids painted the whole stick red, and then removed the tape.  I used my hair-dryer to quickly dry the paint so there was no waiting around to move on to the next step.

Then they glued on a pom-pom hat, a cotton ball beard some googly eyes.

making craft stick santas

We were using paint brushes with small pots of glue when we were crafting today.  You can certainly use the glue straight out of the bottle for this.

A few buttons down the front of Good Old Santa Clause, and voila!


Isn’t he just too much?

He was so cute we decided to dig out the green paint and make some elves.


And THOSE were so cute, we decided to extend the activity and make some reindeer too!


No need to use tape for your reindeer.  Just paint the whole craft stick brown.  Then cut a pipe cleaner in half and twist it a bit to form the antlers.  A bit of glue from a hot glue gun will hold those in place.

What do you think?  Aren’t they just adorable?  I am in love with these little guys!


Hope you love them enough to make them at home or in the classroom with your hooligans!

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Happy holidays!




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