Construction Activity Bin

A small world construction activity bin provides hours of play for little ones.

construction bin happy hooligans cover photo

We’ve been having a field day with our bins lately, which you can check out here, here and here.  Yesterday I set up this construction bin in a foil roasting pan that has held many sensory bins and small worlds in its time.  It kept the hooligans busy, off and on, all morning.

items in construction bin

Look for interesting items to add to your construction bin:

It was fun and easy to put together.  I just looked through the toy bins and around the yard, and put together a few items that seemed perfect for a construction site: a few blocks, some rocks and sticks, several coloured glass beads, a couple of construction figures and some vehicles.

fine motor construction bin beads and pvc pipe in construction bin

We had this out again today, and it was just as popular as it was yesterday.  I have a feeling we’ll be playing with this one for a while. :)


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Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans

10 comments to Construction Activity Bin

  • I just love all of these bins you have been sharing! I especially love the water based worlds you have shared lately. So fun!

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  • Cindy

    Hi Jackie – my first experience doing a sensory bin – I’m wondering what exactly you used in the pictures above for the base? I tried very white light sand which was to slippery and fine for the construction site. I want this for a indoor bin. I tried rice and didn’t like that either ~ found it to loose for moving about the trucks. Can you advise me on what products you have liked for the base? Is there a better type of sand? Appreciate your comments / loving all of the sensory bins.
    Thank you !

    • happyhooligans

      I used sand from my sandbox for this, Cindy. You can usually buy a smallish bag of Sandbox Sand at Walmart for about 5 dollars.

  • Jo Waltrop (Tennessee)

    So glad I found your site. It has some GREAT ideas. We did the dinosaur bin .A 6yr old grandson & his 4yr old cousin (a girl). They had a wonderful time. Thank you. Keep your ideas coming.c

  • Lori Stepping

    Love this bin, Jackie! My grandsons will enjoy it as well. My question regards the problem we are having playing outside at all this summer. The mosquitos here in our yard have been so bad we have been reluctant to go outside to play. We have a lot of woods around us here. Do you have similar problems where you are? What kind of preventive measures do you use (e.g. bug repellant) with your kids before going outside? Thanks for your input.

    • happyhooligans

      I’ve heard the little clip=on fans by “off” are quite effective. We tend to play in the sunny/open part of our yard when it’s buggy, but I’ve heard great things about those clips. If I have to resort to bug spray, I prefer to give the children’s hats and clothing a quick spritz rather than spraying their bodies directly. Even then, I do it only rarely, as I’m really not big on the chemicals.

  • Love this. Just added it to a roundup. I like how easy it is to set up and how open-ended the play is with these bins. Super neat.

  • “a construction bin” it sounds so great! I love this idea ! I have to do it quickly, I’m sure my son’ll love it !

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