CD Snowman Ornaments

CD Snowman Ornaments

CD Snowman Ornaments – a cute and easy Christmas craft for kids…

This is the second time in a week that we’ve used a CD to make a Christmas ornament!  Last Friday we made some gorgeous glittered and painted CD ornaments.

And this morning, as I was having my coffee, the idea for these CD Snowman Ornaments came to me.

5 unique snowman ornaments made from old CDs.

Today was a P.A. Day so we had some of our hooligan grads with us for the day.  They loved this making these snowmen, but it was a great Christmas craft for  our toddlers and preschoolers too.  The process is simple, but kids will love all the steps involved: painting, glittering and gluing.

This is what we used to make our CD Snowman Ornaments:

supplies for CD Snowman ornaments

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How to turn a CD into a Snowman Ornament:

To start, give your CD a coat of white acrylic paint.

kids painting CDS

When your paint has dried (I always speed that process up with the help of a hair dryer), brush on some white glitter glue.  This added a pretty sparkle to our discs.

How to make a 3-D carrot nose:

For your carrot nose, cut a full-size sheet of orange tissue paper in half.  Fold this half sheet of tissue paper in half twice (once length wise, and once width-wise, just as you would to fold a face cloth.

Grab and pinch the middle of that piece, and twist.  Continue to twist, pinching the end of the “carrot”, until you’re happy with it.

White CD with a tissue paper carrot nose

Have your child push that carrot-nose through the hole from the back of the CD.  Trim the tissue paper to about a 1/2 inch at the back of the ornament.

Bring your snowman “to life”, using the buttons, beans and craft foam pieces.

gluing buttons and beans on a CD snowman ornaments

Sticking "cheeks" on the CD snowmen

Squeeze a hanging thread through the mose hole, and tie with a knot.


close up of CD Snowman ornaments

Isn’t this a sweet way to up-cyele your OLD CDs into some sweet Christmas ornaments?

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Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans

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