About Me

Welcome to Happy Hooligans – a blog that centres around the daily activities of my home-daycare, and is dedicated to easy and affordable arts & crafts and good, old-fashioned play.

 I’m Jackie – a mom, a wife, and despite all the crafty goodness you’ll find here, a self-confessed glitter-phobe!


Let me introduce you to the gang!

These two beautiful boys are my sons – Matthew ( 16) and Andrew (13).   They don’t appear among the pages here, but these two are the whole reason I opened my daycare in the fall of 1998.

about me - happy hooligans

And this is my handsome and oh-so-handy husband Mike.  You won’t find him among the pages here either, but I owe him eternal gratitude for embracing our daycare the way he has, and for supporting me whole-heartedly in my endeavours.
And THESE are the little people that I lovingly refer to as The Hooligans.  They’re the children in my home daycare, and the reason that my blog exisits!
about me - happy hooligans
Before starting our family, I had a career in bank management, but my Mike and I always knew that my dream was to stay at home with our babies once they came along.
Because of a my life-long love for children, I was certain that a home daycare would be right up my alley.  I opened my doors in 1998 when Matthew was 11 months old, and I’ve never looked back.
I often say I have one of the best jobs on the planet.  It allowed me to be at home with my boys during their formative years, and running a home daycare meant that while I was/am technically a WAHM, my focus was and always has been on the children.  I love that, as well as having me at home with them, my boys had the added bonus of growing up surrounded by the  children who’ve come through our daycare.  And I can say without a doubt that my daycare has filled me with more joy, passion and satisfaction than my career in the corporate world ever could have.
about me
The Hooligans and I spend our days crafting, baking, creating, exploring and adventuring.  We’re all about old-fashioned fun here: getting messy, imaginative play, outdoor fun, and  realizing the value of free and unstructured play.
about me
I hope you like what you find when you browse through the posts here.

I am grateful to so many  amazing bloggers out there who inspire me daily to make the Hooligans’ world more exciting, engaging and adventurous. You have all helped me take my own creativity to a new level.

I hope that Happy Hooligans might also serve as a the kind of place that inspires others in the same way.

Thanks for stopping in!  I’d love for you to stay a while and poke around.  And please feel free to drop me a line, leave me a comment, give me your feedback…  I’d love to hear from you!

Yours in Play,

Jackie & The Hooligans. :)