3D paper snowflake square image
Quick and Easy 3D Paper Snowflake
Cook Time
10 mins
Dyeing Paper - optional
1 hr
Total Time
1 hr 10 mins

This is the easiest way to make beautiful 3D snowflakes. An accordion fold keeps things simple. Just fold, staple and cut!

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  1. Cut one piece of printer in half to make two equal pieces. 

  2. Working with one of those pieces: make a 1 inch fold on the short end of the paper and continue to fold, accordion style, until you reach the top of the paper. 

  3. Trim off any leftover paper that didn't make it into the final fold. You now have an "accordion".

  4. Fold this accordion in half and press to make crease.

  5. Flip it open and staple into the crease line.

  6. Cut your snowflake's design into one half of the accordion.

  7. Trace these cuts on to the other half of the accordion and cut them out. 

  8. Dab glue on one half of the accordion and bring the opposite half over and press together.

  9. Gently unfold all the pleats in your snowflake and join the two open ends with a bit of glue.