Homemade Story Stones

Ok, I have a WONDERFUL little project to share with you today, and if you’re a creative teacher or caregiver or parent, you will love it.

I made these story stones for my daycare, using stones collected from the beach, and cut-outs from magazines and fabric swatches.

They were really fun and easy to make, and I can’t tell you how much the hooligans LOVE them.

These stones help them to construct a story-line, aid in narrating a story, prompt them to think creatively, help them gain confidence when speaking in a group.

So, not only are they a valuable teaching/learning tool in our daycare, they’re also really fun to play with.

When you’re at the beach this summer, collect a bucketful of smooth stones so you can make a set of these for your classroom or daycare!

Check ’em out!