Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-Up (Sept 4 – 21)

Last June, just before I closed up shop for the summer, I started doing something that I called “Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-up”.

 I’m off on Wednesdays so it’s a good day to share photos and links to the crafts and activities that we’ve done in the previous week, so that anyone who missed ‘em the first time around, can catch them in the weekly wrap up.

Sounds good, right?  Right!  Except… when I opened my doors in September, and started posting to the blog again, I totally forgot about the weekly wrap-up!!

Never fear!  I’m well and truly in my groove again, and the wrap-up is back!  This week, I’m featuring all the crafts and activities that I’ve blogged about this month, right up to last Friday.

And now, without further ado, here is your Wednesday Weekly Wrap-Up!

Making  BOTTLE BABIES was a lot of fun, and they continue to be a popular addition to our outdoor play-space.

PAINTING WITH SHAVING CREAM was a huge hit with the Hooligans, both big and small.

We had a great time whipping up fabulous “frozen” concoctions in our  ICE CREAM PLAY-DOUGH SHOP.

Our TISSUE PAPER FALL WREATH was a super craft for all ages, and the end results were just beautiful!

Our  FALL SENSORY BIN  has provided hours of scooping, pouring and sorting fun.

And last but certainly not least, CONSTRUCTING WITH STYROFOAM has gone down in my books as one of our best activities ever.  The Hooligans spent the better part of a morning sawing, poking, cutting, hammering and building with this one!

I hope this week’s wrap-up of easy and inexpensive activities inspires you to get creative and crafty at home or in your classroom with your own Hooligans!

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Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans

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