Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-Up – (Nov 21, 2012)

It’s time for Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-Up!

I didn’t do a wrap-up last week, as it was our first full week with our newest little Hooligans (she’s 12 months old) and we did fewer structured crafts and activities while we were getting her all settled in.

We’re back into the swing of things though, and due to your enthusiastic response to me asking if I should start posting Christmas craft ideas (you answered with a resounding “YES!”), we’ve  begun our hooligan-holiday-crafting-extravaganza!

We’ll likely be making a Christmas craft each day from now until the beginning of the school break, which is when my daycare closes for the holidays.  We may miss a day here or there, depending on what else we have going on, but either way, be prepared for LOTS of “hooligan-holiday crafts” filling your inbox and your newsfeed in the weeks to come.

Ok!  Down to business!  This Wednesday’s Weekly Wrap-Up will include a couple of activities that would have gone into a wrap-up last week if I had posted one.

We awoke one day a couple of weeks ago to find our bird-bath frozen solid, so we turned it into this awesome activity:

Polly Pocket Skating Party

Another activity that was really popular with our girls last week was our :

Dolly Diaper Station (with easy, homemade fabric baby wipes)

doll diaper station

This week we made these super-simple Toilet Roll Cuff Bracelets

 and then our Christmas Crafting began…

Here are our Twiggy Treestwig ornaments - happy hooligans

and our Scented Sandpaper Gingerbread Ornamentsscented sandpaper gingerbread ornaments

And while I can’t show you the entire post yet, I shared this little sneak peek of the craft that Happy Hooligans will be sharing on December 9th, on the Creative Christmas Countdown!

I hope you’ll all follow along with the Countdown!

 24 fab bloggers, 24 fab holiday crafts and activities delivered daily, straight to your inbox, from December 1st through to December 24th.  It’s going to be awesome!  Be sure to pop over and subscribe!


    • happyhooligans says

      Thank you, Vandana! That activity is a big hit here with the hooligans. We have it set up in the playroom now, and there’s almost always someone at that station. :)

  1. says

    congratulations on the new family member!! :) and thank you for sharing all those lovely crafting ideas! I’m expecting my first child and I guess with your guide (your blog) I won’t have to be afraid that my child and I ever will be bored. :) so great to have. thanks again.

  2. says

    I’m due on December 13 :) so I only have to wait about 3 more weeks. It’s a girl and I can’t wait to do all the glitzy stuff with her and the doll stuff and the bracelets and such 😀 all the girly stuff. Lol… thanks changing the text, I’m sure the people that know you longer and better know what you meant with the new baby, but since I’m new to your blog and just getting to know you/the hooligans, I truly thought you just gave birth to another baby and are the super mom that is still able to keep all the others occupied. 😀 but in my eyes, you’re a super mom anyways, because you’re full of awesome ideas to have fun with kids. I admire that and hope I can be close to the same. I’ll be going on the hunt for the introduction blog post from the new one :)

    • says

      awe..thank you! :) It’s funny that you say that with the toddler years. Most people I talk too they just like the baby years, when they can’t crawl and walk yet, but then they say it’s nice when they are older so they out of the bigger trouble years like toddler years. lol. I’m truly very anxious to meet her. sometimes, still, I’m thinking to myself… omg… I hope I made the right decision… not knowing if I’m able to keep up with a baby and child in general. I never baby sat in my entire life, never had close contact with babies or kids and I really don’t know if I’d be a good mom. I can only hope and I will give my best, but sometimes, thinking about all this, is a little bit scary for me.

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