watercolour thank you cards

I’m baaaack!  Happy New Year to all!  I hope everyone had a wonderfully relaxing holiday!  We thoroughly enjoyed our 2 week break here.  I was down-right lazy, sleeping in and staying in my jammies much of the time.  It was wonderful hunker down and hang out with my boys.  We spent much of our time around the kitchen table playing Uno, Boggle, and Dice (otherwise known as Farkle), and we had jig-saw puzzles set up on the dining room table for 2 weeks.  It was awesome!

But all good things must come to an end, and today my boys headed back to school, and the Hooligans returned.  Gosh, it was good to see their little faces, and to have them back. Apparently, they were pretty excited to be back too.  This is what one little guy handed me as soon as he walked in the door this morning:

Honestly.  Does that not melt your heart?

Anyway, we had an awesome first back, started working on a cool craft, and had some neat activities going on, but I’ll blog about that later.  I’ve just popped in because I want to share what I’ve been working on tonight.

I sat down to write out some Thank You cards this evening, and I realized that my store-bought supply had run out.   I thought about making some scrappy cards, but didn’t know what kind of design to go with, so I ditched that idea and grabbed Matthew’s watercolours.  Ok, I’m going to admit right up front that before tonight, I had never used “real” watercolours.  Yes I’m serious.  I’ve painted with acrylics for years, but the only watercolours I’ve ever used are the preschool kind. That will probably be obvious to you artsy folks because I was a little heavy-handed, but oh my goodness…

I think I’ve found a new hobby!  I think I seriously need to seriously take a “Watercolour for Beginners” course or something, because I had no idea what I was doing, but I loved it!

Between these and the scrappy cards, I don’t think I’ll have to give a store-bought card again. :)


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