Valentine’s Collage Pops

A Valentine’s craft using odds and ends:

These Valentine’s collage pops are cute when used as decorations, or can be sweet, little keepsakes that children can give for Valentine’s Day.

valentine's collage pops cover photo

The hooligans really enjoyed making these today, and they turned out to be so pretty, and one of the best things about them is that they can be made using odds and ends that you already have on hand.

What you’ll need:

valentine's collage pops supplies

I cut out some cardboard hearts and gathered up a collection of small crafting materials:  beads, buttons, foam pieces, puzzle pieces, and painted pasta (left-over from our Boneyard wreath project).

What to do:

The hooligans began by giving their hearts a generous coating of white glue.  Don’t be stingy here, spread it on thick so you’ll be able to really pile on your collage pieces.

We then left them by the fire to dry for an hour or so.  They were already looking so pretty, and we’d only just begun!close up of valentine's collage pops drying

Once they were dry, I set out a paint pallet that held pink, purple, red, burgundy and white acrylic craft paints, and the hooligans painted over all of the bits and pieces on their hearts.  painting the valentine's collage pops

Depending on how many colours you add to your pieces, and how you blend them together, you can end up with some really neat results.  There was some great colour mixing and marbling going on.  Valentine's collage pops collage - painted and dryingLet your child decide which colours he or she wants to use.  One little guy today wanted to use only the red paint.  That’s totally fine!  Likewise, let your child decide when he or she is finished.  Some children will place only a few items on their heart and a couple of brush strokes, while others will keep at it until the entire surface is covered.  Either way, giving your child control over how they use their materials will give them a great feeling of accomplishment and pride.

While the hearts were drying, the hooligans painted a chopstick (always ask for extras when you’re getting take-out!) and when the hearts were dry, we attached it to the back of the heart with some duct tape.

Then, they each chose a ribbon from our bin of fabric scraps, and I tied a bow and attached it to their chopstick.  You can either thread a twist-tie through the back of your bow, and secure it to the chopstick with the twist-tie or you can use a glue gun, or simple slide the chopstick through the back of your bow.

Don’t they look super?3 valentine's collage pops, different ribbonsWith the white ribbon, I experimented by wrapping the tails of the ribbon all the way to the bottom of the chopstick and securing them in place with a bit of hot glue.IMG_3085

Happy Valentine’s Day!!valentine's collage pop


Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans

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