Which Months Have 31 Days – A Simple Way To Remember

Use your knuckles to figure out which months have 31 days!

I don’t know about you, but as a kid I could never remember the rhyme that taught how many days there are in a month.  You know the one: “30 days has September”…  I was good with that part, but I couldn’t remember what came next.  Thankfully, at a young age, a school friend taught me this really easy trick to remember which months have 31 days.  Oh, I do love a simple trick that simplifies life a little.

trick to remember which months have 31 days

Use the knuckle trick to remember which months have 31 days!

My younger son offered up his hand for these photos because, well… let’s just say there’s nothing quite like a close-up shot of your 40+ hand to make you realize you’re not quite as young as you feel.  If you don’t believe me try it.  Unless you’re a hand model, or under 30, you might be in for a surprise.  I was like “WHAT?  That’s not MY hand!  That’s my MOTHER’S hand!”  It wasn’t pretty folks, so thank you, Andrew, for stepping up and filling in!

Ok, you’re going to love this!  Your kids are going to love this!  Your friends are going to love this.  It’s so simple!


Make a fist:

Your fist can either face toward you or away from you.  For the sake of the photos, we have it facing us, because between you and me, the photo of Andrew’s fist facing away from the camera made it look like he had a mutant toad hand.

Tap your knuckles:

Now, all you do is tap each of your knuckles, and the wells in between, while reciting the months of the year.

knuckle trick to remember which months have 31 days (jan-jul)


When you get to the end of your hand, go back to the first knuckle, and continue reciting.

using knuckle trick to demonstrate months have 31 days (Aug-Dec)

Your knuckles (higher up than the wells in between) represent the months with 31 days.  Get it?  Higher up = higher number of days.   The wells in between represent the months with 30 days (lower down = lower number of days).

All you really have to remember is that February only has 28 days ( or 29 in a leap year).

That’s a lot easier to remember than that silly old rhyme, don’t you think? :)

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