Playing with Sticks and Stones in the Snow

 I love putting a new spin on an old idea, and this idea for playing with sticks and stones in the snow does just that!

Spring is fast approaching, and our snow-play days are numbered so I’m trying to get in all of the outdoor winter ideas that I can before the snow is gone for good.

You can check out the following posts to see three of my favourite ways that we’ve had fun in the snow this winter:  Potato Heads in the Snow, Snow Painting and Coloured Ice Sculptures.

Playing with sticks and stones in the snow

Like most things that we do here, today’s activity is really simple to set up, but it provides lots of fun and the opportunity for your little one to explore some simple, natural elements while playing in the snow.

sticks, stones, shells, chesttnuts for snow play

I gathered up a few things that I had on hand here:  beach rocks, seashells and chestnuts, and I set them out in a couple of baskets, and then I gathered a few twigs and pieces of vine from around the yard.

A large snowball that we’d rolled a week ago provided the perfect surface for experimenting with our collection of items.IMG_4575

The hooligans poked and pushed the nuts and stones into the giant snowball, and speared it with the twigs and sticks.IMG_4586

This activity lasted for a few days.  Each day, the hooligans would decorate the snowball, and by the next day, enough melting would have taken place that the nuts and stones and shells would have fallen off, and be laying on the ground.  The kids would simply pick the bits and pieces back up, and stick them all back in again.IMG_4674

Fun, easy and experimental.  This was a great way for the hooligans to experiment with the last of the winter’s snow.face in the snow with sticks, shells and stones



  1. says

    Cute idea! Thank goodness I don’t have the snow to deal with, but it’s great for the kiddos! We lived in Anchorage Alaska for almost 5 yrs and the kids loved to play outside, but they never stayed out for long! I had a runner from the front door to the family room and it would stay lined with boots, snow suits, gloves, hats and melted snow! Do I miss it….um, no! So, more power to you for finding fun actiivities for your hooligans! Happy soon to be, Spring!

    • happyhooligans says

      Oh Lord. I can’t even imagine living in a climate with longer and colder winters than ours, Mavis! I bow down to your greatness!

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