Simple button wreaths

We’ve made button wreaths here before, and we’ve done them a couple of different ways.  Last year we made these absolutely gorgeous ones, but the simple button wreaths that I’m sharing today are a little easier to make with a younger crowd, and they’re still pretty darn cute.simple  button wreath

We started by pulling out our beloved button collection.  My love for buttons goes back to when I was a little girl.  One of my earliest memories is of me playing with my Nana’s button collection.  I can still hear them rattling together, cool and smooth between my fingers.  buttons

The Hooligans love playing with buttons too.  It’soothing and relaxing to sift through them, examining all the different patterns, textures, colours and sizes.  I often set out a muffin tin, some scoops and a few jars, and the children will sit and pour and scoop and sort for close to an hour.  simple button wreaths - happy hooligans

  • For our button wreaths, you’ll need:
  • cardboard (cereal box weight is great)
  • paint (we used red and green acrylic today, but we’ve used metallic paint in the past, and that was very cool)
  • buttons
  • ribbon/bow
  • glue & glue gun (the glue gun is optional)

To cut my wreath, I traced a large circle onto the cardboard, and a smaller circle inside, and I cut that out.

Then we moved it all outside and the Hooligans got busy painting up their wreaths.  Look at what they’re wearing.  We’re a month away from Christmas, and the weather this week has been down-right balmy!  I’m LOVING it!button wreaths

When the paint was dry, they glued their buttons on.  Now, I know that using a glue bottle is really good for muscle development and co-ordination, but the glue that I have at the moment is really hard to squeeze (it’s even frustrating for me to use), so I’ve been pouring the glue into a small jar, and the Hooligans use paint-brushes to apply it to their project.  

Once the buttons have dried,  you can glue a bow in place.  You can make your bow from ribbon, raffia, wool, fabric scraps – whatever you have on hand.

Now just punch a hole in the top of the wreath, and thread a ribbon through so you can hang this sweet, little thing on your Christmas tree!  button wreath - happy hooligans

What do you think?  Pretty cute, isn’t it?

Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans

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