rope and hula hoop activity

Add a simple rope and hula hoop activity to your oudoor play space for imaginative play and gross-motor development.

rope and hula hoop activity

I’ve you’ve seen our Pool Noodle Abacus and our Rope and a Bucket, you may have gathered that we like playing with ropes around here.

Ropes can be classified as “loose parts” in your play space.  What’s a loose part?  Well, Jenny from Let the Children Play says it best in a post called the Theory of Loose Parts, but basically they’re materials that have no pre-defined purpose in the play space.  They can be moved and used in whatever manner the children like, giving them the opportunity to explore, build, transport and create.  Small loose parts such as sticks and stones can be manipulated by little hands to be whatever the player wishes, and larger loose parts such as our rope and hula hoop encourage physical exercise and help to strengthen muscle tone, balances and co-ordination, not to mention imagination and creativity.uch as ourPlaying with loose parts often requires some form of physical exertion, co-ordination and balance, so not only are they fun to play with, they’re great for the body and the brain.You can see a couple of examples of ways that we’ve used ropes and other loose parts here in two of my previous posts:  Pool Noodle Abacus and A Rope and a Bucket.

pulling hula hoops along the clothes line

Best of all, it was quick to set up, and it didn’t cost a thing, because I already had the hoola hoops and the rope. I simply strung a very long length of rope over our clothes-line, and tied a hula hoop to each end of the rope.

This simple contraption provided hours of physical play for the hooligans during the week or two that it was rigged up.good old fashioned play - a rope and hula hoop activity

tossing balls through the hoops,

tossing balls through a hula hoop

swinging and swatting at the hoops, and climbing and crawling through them.

climbing through a hula hoop - gross motor development

There’s really not much else to say except that it provided hours of fun, and the kids got a ton of muscle and co-ordination-building exercise while playing with them.

I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves:

rope and hula hoop activity - hang it from a clothesline or tree branch

4 kids gathered around a hoola hoop and rope activity


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  1. Jenny says

    I’ve said it before but I want to say it again; You are amazing!!!! I look up to you so much and I strive to have my little child care as cool as yours! Thank you so much for all of the great ideas, I don’t know how you have the time to post them all but I am grateful that you do.
    With much appreciation,

    • happyhooligans says

      Aw, thank you, Jenny! It means so much to me when I hear how our little daycare is inspiring others like your own. That’s just so cool, and that’s why I started blogging in the first place: in hopes of getting our ideas out there to other moms and carers who may be looking for some fun and fresh ideas. So thank YOU for taking the time to let me know how much you’re enjoying my posts, and for faithfully following along with us. Comments like yours make blogging so rewarding and worthwhile. As for how I have time to blog? Let’s just say I probably don’t get as much sleep as I likely should. lol

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