Rag Star Christmas Ornaments

.rag star Christmas ornaments

Homemade Rag Star Christmas Ornaments – an easy Christmas craft with pipe cleaners and fabric scraps…

I’ve been making these  Rag Star Christmas Ornaments to attach as homemade gift toppers to the Christmas gifts that I’m giving this year.  Everyone is getting a set of 5 of these little rag star ornaments in place of a bow.  I’m also including individual stars with our teachers’  and neighbours’ gifts this year.  As far as homemade Christmas ornaments go, these are a snap to make.   You need only two things to make ‘em:  fabric scraps and a pipe cleaners.

 I was inspired by Heather at Dollar Store Crafts, who used strips cut from a winter scarf to cover her stars.  I used a couple of torn/expired shirts that I had in my scrap fabric stash.

What type of fabric is best?

It’s best if your fabric has a print that shows on the back as well as the front, as the strips tend to twist when you’re wrapping your stars, and you’ll want to see the pattern no matter which way the fabric is facing.

Heather calls these 10 second ornaments, but it took me longer than that to make one.  Not a whole lot longer though.  It’s a fairly fast and easy project.  Once you’ve done a couple, you kind of find your rhythm with the wrapping process.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your rag star ornaments:

supplies for rag star christmas ornaments

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How to make a star ornament with pipe cleaners and rags:

 pipe cleaner and cookie cutter

Start by molding your pipe cleaner around your cookie cutter.  Twist the ends around each other to secure.

Cut your fabric into 1/2 inch strips.  You don’t have to be exact here. wrap your fabric scraps around your pipe cleaner

Wrap your fabric all the way around the pipe cleaner.  I left a couple of inches hanging when I started.  That way I could tie a knot or a bow when I got all the way around.pink rag star christmas ornament

That’s all there is to it!  Isn’t that one of the easiest homemade ornaments ever?

Now just thread some ribbon or cord through the back of the knot to hang your ornament.

 Voila:  simple Rag Star Christmas Ornaments!set of 5 pink rag star christmas ornaments

Aren’t they rustic and cute?blue plaid shirt sleeve

I used this flannel shirt for my second set of raggedy stars.  I think these are my favourites.blue plaid rag star christmas ornament

And look what I gleaned from the shirt before I started cutting it up!

Score!  You KNOW how much I love buttons!!

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Yours in play, Jackie from Happy Hooligans

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