Polly Pool Party Water Bin

Gather up the Polly Pockets and a few simple toys, and put together a Polly Pool Party water bin for your kids!  This one kept the hooligans entertained for ages!

If your kids are like my daycare kids, they LOVE playing with water. We’ve done a ton of water play activities over the years, and latest Polly Pool Party was a huge hit with the hooligans!
polly pool party cover pic

 It’s a little different than any of the others that we’ve made recently because it’s oh-so pink and purplicious!

supplies and materials in polly pool party


The Hooligans had a great time with it, and after a little while one of them asked for a second bowl to play in.  I gave them our “washing up bowl” and filled it with water.  This turned into a big game of scooping water, Pollys and beads from the big bin into the bowl.  Then when the bowl was full, they’d pour it back into the bin.

Then there were many many requests for “more water”, “yellow this time!”, “blue this time”, “green this time”…

So I spent the next half hour or so filling up jugs of assorted coloured water.

mixing food colouring and water for polly pool party

Of course the water in the bin quickly became a murky brown, but that didn’t bother anyone.  So much for pink and purplicious!

coloured water for polly pool party

Oh well.  It was pretty while it lasted!

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