Paint Chip Candy Canes

Paint Chip Candy Canes – easy Christmas craft and cutting exercise for toddlers and preschoolers…

These paint chip candy canes were completely unplanned, and came about when one of our preschoolers wanted to work on his scissor skills yesterday.   He grabbed the scissors, and I sifted through our supply of paint chip sample cards, looking for Christmas colours.

paint chip candy canes feature photo


I’ve mentioned before that a stash of paint chips is a great addition to any craft room.  They can help young children develop their scissor skills.  They provide an opportunity to talk about colours,  and they’re handy for crafting with!  Check out our gorgeous paint chip mosaics to see what I mean.

paint chip candy cane supplies

Back to yesterday: the little guy is cutting away, and red strips are falling, and a thought occurs to me!  Paint Chip Candy Canes!

When I realized this might be a blog-worthy craft, I told the hooligans I was going to grab my camera  I returned to find that someone else was apparently going to be doing some blogging as well. :)

photographing paint chip candy canes

Our candy canes turned out so cute, we’ve been making them all week!

Supplies for paint chip candy canes:

  • paint chip sample cards (just ask at your local hardware/paint & paper store)
  • white cardboard (or you can paint a cereal box white)
  • glue stick
  • scissors

The process:

The hooligans cut their paint chips into strips, and glued them to their candy canes.

cutting for paint chip candy canes

And then they trimmed the bits that were hanging over the edges.trimming paint chip candy canes

A child who didn’t like to do crafts:

Off topic for a moment, I want to share with you that one of my most enthusiastic little crafters right now is this little guy.  At the beginning of the season he did not have the patience for crafting.  He just wanted finish as quickly  as possible, and get back to playing.

In 3 short months, it’s a completely different story:  He regularly ASKS to craft, and he’s gone from not knowing how to hold a pair of scissors to being one of the best “cutters” in the daycare.  Remember, he asked to do some cutting yesterday, and that’s how the whole candy cane craft came about.  He also proudly exclaims, when he’s finished his work “I’m a real little CRAFTER!”.  He’s really proud of his creations, and I’m so thrilled to think that he’s found his creative side in his short time with us.

Here are our finished paint chip candy canes.  Depending on the size of yours, you can turn it into a tree ornament or a decoraton for your front door.

paint chip candy cane magnets, door hangers, christmas ornaments

We glued magnets (recycled fridge magnets from various businesses) to the back of ours, and the Hooligans took them home to put on their fridges.

candy canes - cardboard and paint chips



  1. Teri says

    Love! will definitely be doing this with my toddler friends** this week! she just started using her first pair of safety scissors, prior to that she pretended to cut using her pointer and middle finger, while I used actual scissors. She will love cutting up the paint chips and I will enjoy not wasting them and repurposing them.. and WOW what a great idea to use company magnets on the back!! I have a bunch on my fridge that I was going to throw away…bingo! Now I don’t have to stop off any buy magnets! Thanks again, your friend and fellow caregiver Teri from Toronto
    ps. that is so great that you helped foster his creative side 😉

    • JJ says

      my daughter’s club at school is having a tree decorating party for a local assisted living facility. we are making these AND your coffee filter trees. thanks for the ideas!! enjoy your blog as a preschool director and early childhood educator!

      • happyhooligans says

        Wonderful, JJ! I hope the kids have fun making their crafts! Enjoy the party, and thank you so much for following along with us, and using our ideas as inspiration!

    • happyhooligans says

      Thank you, Joann. I am really thrilled that he’s gone from disliking craft time to being the most avid little crafter in the bunch! He’s actually starting to suggest crafts that he thinks we should do here at the daycare!

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