Homemade Magic Kit

A simple homemade magic kit made from basic household items provide kids with hours of endless creative play!:

Remember a few weeks back when I shared the 5 minute magic wand that I made from a drinking straw and some tape?  And remember I told you there would be more “magic” to follow?  Well, this is what I was talking about!   A simple homemade magic kit!

homemade magic kit - happy hooligans

This cost me nothing to make, and it was really easy to put together.   It’s great for pretend play, it doubles as a bit of a sensory/sorting activity, and a child can play with the set by themselves, or put on a “magic show” for others.

How to make a homemade magic kit:

To make your Magic Wand:

To get instructions for making our homemade magic wand, click here.

To make your Magician’s Hat:

homemade magician's hat and wand

  1. Paint a paper bag black.  I supported my paper bag by slipping it over an small, over-turned garbage pail.  This made it easy to paint all the way around the bag in one go.
  2. Once dry, roll the edge of the bag outward, and continue to roll until you’re happy with the size of the “brim” you’ve created.  This brim was once the INSIDE of the bag, and will require a quick coat of black paint.
  3. When dry, tie a wide ribbon around the hat.

Magical Accessories:

Now for the fun part!  Get creative here, and search your cupboards, craft supplies and toy room for items you think a Magician would use.

I came up with cups and a pom pom for the infamous “cups and ball” trick.  You could use a bouncy ball, but a pom pom is less likely to roll away on young children.homemade cups and ball game

I added a couple of silk scarves.  These are perfect for stuffing into the hat, and for making objects “disappear”.  You can pull the scarves through a clenched fist, or simply swirl them through the air. accessories for homemade magic kit

Every magician needs a small animal to pull out of his hat!.  We don’t have a rabbit, so our monkey got the job.

Lastly, I added various items of interest that could be both used for performing magic with, or for simply exploring and playing with:accessories for homemade magic kit

  • A couple jars
  • ribbons and laces
  • a few playing cards
  • a handful of craft sticks
  • several sea shells
  • and  a dozen or so plastic gem stones

These items added to the activity as the hooligans sorted them into piles, dropped them into the jars, and poured them from one container to another.

Now I’ll show you some photos of our resident magician at work!IMG_7437IMG_7453IMG_7450

IMG_7462And when you’re ready to pack it away, everything can be stored in the hat until the next time!IMG_7418

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  1. says

    So cool! I made my eldest a magic wand many years ago (he’s now 14) by painting a piece of dowel and it was one of his favourite accessories. Your ideas are superb!!!

    • happyhooligans says

      Thanks, Erin! I love how this whole set up cost me nothing, and provided so many opportunities for play.

  2. Yvonne Bentley says

    Great idea, some little magician would have so much fun. You are amazing and one creative lady!

  3. says

    This is so adorable. Even just adding extra things you mentioned to a commercial kit would make it so much better. Many times the sets are not so great and cheap. I may may make one of these set for a 3 year old that I know. Thanks so much. You have such wonderful ideas. I know I would be following you if I had a younger child. You are amazing! I am always popping by on your page either way. Merry Christmas!

    • happyhooligans says

      Aw, thanks Melissa! It’s funny, I forget sometimes that while I’m blogging to an audience of moms with young kids, my blogger friends’ kids are all growing up, and won’t be needing my ideas for too much longer. :( I’m so glad you still pop by to see what we’re up to though. Thank you! xx

    • happyhooligans says

      When working with very young children, I find it’s best to allow the children to explore and experiment, using their own imagination and creativity. When we impose our pre-conceived notions of how the activity is to be done, it tends to stifle their imagination and takes the fun away from it.

  4. Michael Pascoe says

    It’s not whether how clever I am, you included a bunch of stuff, but didn’t say what tricks they are. I am a magician and that is a big step you left out. Adding a bunch of stuff and calling it magic is not helpful it’s actually frustrating.

    • happyhooligans says

      Oh no, this isn’t for children to actually perform “real” magic tricks with, Michael. Toddlers aren’t likely capable of that, nor is it important to them to learn how to perform magic. This is an open-ended activity which allows kids to explore the items and use their imagination. Free-play and unstructured, imaginative play is so valuable to a child’s development. Once we start placing expectations and “right or wrong” results on an toddler/preschool activity, it usually loses it’s appeal. The “magic” here, is watching a child explore, experiment and learn in his or her own way. :)

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