Shaving Cream “Magna Doodle” Activity

Create a giant “Magna Doodle” with 2 simple items: a table-top and a can of shaving cream.

We love playing with shaving cream!  It’s such a great sensory material, and kids just love rolling up their sleeves, getting right into it with their hands and creating art on a table covered in shaving cream! This morning, I created a shaving cream magna doodle using 2 simple items:  a table-top and a can of shaving cream.

life size magna doodle - shaving cream on a table top

If you’ve been following along with us, you’ve likely heard me mention the 6 dollar, second-hand coffee table.  It serves as an indoor craft table during the winter months, and an outdoor activity table during the warmer months.  I love it because it’s large enough for the children to gather around comfortably, and its laminate top makes it stain and water-proof.

Creating your shaving cream magna doodle:

This morning, I took a can of shaving cream to the table, and presented the hooligans with this:shaving cream invitation to play

At the sound of the spray-can, they came running, and gathered around, curious about what I was up to. “Is it for us?” they asked.  “Yep”, I said.  “What do we do with it?” one of them asked.  I replied very simply:  “Whatever you’d like”.

There was a moment of hesitation, and then a few cautious fingers poked at the cream.exploring shaving cream sensory play

And it wasn’t long before they were burying their hands in the foam, and spreading it around the table, making swirls and pattern.  Then they would wipe it all out and start fresh.  That’s when I realized that what we had in front of us was just like a giant Magna Doodle!shaving cream magna doodle - incredible sensory experience

Who doesn’t love a Magna Doodle?  Make it life-size, and add a sensory twist and it’s better than ever!  We made hand prints,handprints in shaving cream

drew pictures, and created oodles of doodles, writing our names and swirling our hands and fingers around in the foam.doodling in shaving creamIt was such a wonderful sensory experience.  The soft, fluffy shaving cream, little hands gliding around on the slippery table-top and it smelled amazing!swirling shaving cream on a table

When the table became covered with patterns and drawings, they would slide their hands down the length of the table, swiping the surface “clean” to start again.swirls in shaving cream

Cleaning hands:

We had a large bowl and a towel sitting beside the table, so the kids could rinse their hands whenever they wanted to.

hands covered in shaving cream

For those who don’ t enjoy messy play:

One little guy wasn’t big on getting his hands as messy as this activity required, so after a while, I handed out some paint-brushes and they had a go with those.IMG_0905

Shaving cream is an absolutely delightful substance to in your sensory activities, but as always, you know your child best.  If there are skin sensitivities or a risk of your child eating it, please hold off until your child is a bit older.

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  1. says

    We did this in our camp last year. We made sure the kids were wearing bathing suits first and it was a good thing as they ended up looking like snowmen after they were done. Then we just hosed them down.

    • happyhooligans says

      I have an even cooler activity that I’m sharing on my blog tonight, Dani. Similar but much more colourful!

  2. says

    oh, this is definitely an activity that our kids would LOVE! We are featuring your post tomorrow at Share It Saturday! Thanks for linking up :)

    Colleen at Sugar Aunts

    • happyhooligans says

      Thank you, ladies!! I’m honoured that you’re featuring us! I’m putting a similar but much cooler activity up on my blog tonight!

  3. Wren says

    Because my little one puts everything in his mouth, we do this with Cool whip. I don’t have to worry about guarding his every move, and the other kids like it just as well.

    • happyhooligans says

      You are brilliant, Wren. When someone asks for an alternative, I always suggest canned whipped cream, but it tends to go “flat really quickly. I’ll bet Cool Whip would hold up much better. I’ll remember that. Thank yoU!

  4. says

    This one is just TOO funny!
    I’m also totally in shock that while randomly selecting the 10 pins I most want to try out in January… this is the second one that’s come from your site! :-)
    …I’m going to spend a lot more time exploring here! …thank you… my kids are going to LOVE this!

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