Simple Bird Feeder Mold with Snow, Corn and Chestnuts

We love making homemade bird feeders here in my daycare.  Every winter we make simple feeders with basic ingredients and supplies so we can help the local birds make it through the winter.

feeding the birds and squirrels heart shaped feeder

This week we made a simple corn and chestnut feeder for your backyard birds and squirrels to enjoy this winter!


You may remember that last fall we spent quite a few days playing with corn kernels and chestnuts.  We had sensory bins going on, the children dissected corn cobs and sunflowers and we made an awesome corn and chestnut run with a plastic pool hose.

When we were finished with all of our fall play, I dumped the kernels and the chestnuts into a bucket and brought it inside for the winter so we could use them for various crafts and activities through out the year.

They came in handy Wednesday when I decided to make more feeders.

Making the orange cup feeders:

orange cups filled with corn and chestnutsMy hubby has been making fresh squeezed orange juice every morning, so I have an abundance of orange “cups” right now, and I simply filled several of them with corn and chestnuts and set them outside on the bench by our pond.

Making the heart shaped feeder:

For the second feeder, I filled the bottom of a heart shaped cake pan with corn and chestnuts and then packed the pan full of snow.  It wasn’t exactly packing snow, so I brought it inside for a few minutes to soften it a bit, and I patted it all firmly into the pan.heart shaped feeder filled with corn, chestnuts and snow

Then, out at the bench, I turned it upside-down and out popped the cutest little corn cake!feeding birds with corn and chestnuts

So sweet and easy, and hopefully our birds and squirrels will enjoy these in the days to come.



  1. Jeanie says

    So sweet! What a great double-use of items nature provided–while teaching your children to be thoughtful and care for other living creatures!

  2. Nana says

    Although it’s pretty cold here, we don’t get snow here so I use Knox gelatin for the seed mold. Cookie cutters work great for this. Some of them we hang from trees, others we leave on the ground or outdoor table. The Knox is made from animal protein, which is good for winter birds according to audubon.

  3. Rhonda says

    Hi Nana,
    I live in South Florida so I definitely don’t get any snow. I like your idea about Knox gelatin. Did you follow package directions or did you modify it? Would like to do this with my students.

    • happyhooligans says

      If you click on the link to the feeder that you like, you’ll be taken to the blog where it originated, Rhonda. You can drop that blogger a line. I made several of the feeders in the round up, but the Knox feeders were made by other bloggers.

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