Fall Tree Hand Craft

An easy Fall Tree Hand Craft for toddlers and preschoolers to make at home or daycare.

I’ve made a number of really easy fall tree crafts with my daycare hooligans over the years. I love crafting with kids in the fall because there are so many colours and textures to learn about and explore.  Of course, with the changing colours of the leaves, I come up with lots of tree crafts and activity for the daycare each Autumn.  Here’s one I hope you’ll enjoy.  The colourful “leaves” and the patterned, textured “tree trunks and branches” combined with an old favourite – tracing our hands, all helped to make this Fall Tree Hand Craft a big hit with the kids.

easy fall crafts with tissue paper and wallpaper samples

Yesterday, we made these simple, but fun and colourful trees, using wallpaper samples and tissue paper.  Free wall paper samples and tissue paper are two of my favourite inexpensive crafting materials!

tissue paper fall craftsThese were simple and fun to make, and looked so pretty when they were finished.

First we looked through our wallpaper sample books and each Hooligans picked out a piece of brown paper to have their arm and hand traced onto.   If you’re new around here, and haven’t heard me sing the praises of my wallpaper samples, let me fill you in:  I ask at my local paint/paper shop if I can have their expired wallpaper sample books.  They’re always happy to to hand them over rather than throw them in the trash. :)crafts with wallpaper samples

After tracing, the hooligans glued their hand trees onto some cardboard and then decorated them with colourful squares of crumpled tissue paper.  I LOVE crafting with tissue paper.  It’s a simple and inexpensive material that provides a satisfying sensory and fine motor experience for  little hands.  The children have to separate the squares of tissue paper which is great for fine motor skills, and they love to crumple and crunch their squares before gluing them onto a project.  Thrifty tip:  baby showers are a great place to acquire a ton of tissue paper.  I’ve walked out of some showers with a garbage bag full of tissue paper that was going to be thrown in the trash.  I rarely have to buy any for crafting

Don’t they look great?fall leaf hand treeLooking for more easy fall tree hand crafts?  Check out our hand/tissue/apple trees.  Our popcorn trees are another easy and inexpensive fall hand tree craft.


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