5 Easy Poppy Crafts for Kids to Make for Remembrance Day

With Remembrance Day just a couple of days away, I thought I’d round up all of my easy poppy crafts in case you’ve missed any.

Kids of all ages will enjoy making these poppies.  They’re pretty and creative enough for older kids to enjoy, but simple enough that toddlers and preschoolers will be able to handle them with just a bit of assistance.

As with all of our crafts, our poppies are made with inexpensive supplies that you already have around your house: paper plates, coffee filters, crepe paper and cupcake liners etc.   This should make it easy for you to squeeze in a poppy craft with your kids or students before November 11th.

5 Easy Poppy Crafts for Kids - Happy Hooligans

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5 Easy Poppy Crafts for Kids:


Paper Plate Poppy

Paper Plate Poppies – These poppies are really easy to make with just paint and a paper plate.  If you’re looking for a super-simple Remembrance Day craft for toddlers, or for a quick, last-minute poppy craft for older kids, this one is great.



Painted Coffee Filter Poppy Craft Craft for Preschoolers

Painted Coffee Filter Poppies – We tried these on a whim this year, and I absolutely loved the results.  The crinkly, textured effect on the coffee filters really reminds me of real poppy petals.  Again, this one is super-easy for young children to make for Remembrance Day, but in all honesty, I enjoyed making these as much as the hooligans did, so older kids are bound to love these too.



Crepe Paper Poppies - Happy Hooligans

Crepe Paper Poppy Craft –  We made these poppies on a whim, after I came across a leftover roll of crepe paper in the craft cupboard.  I love the delicate and ruffly effect of the crepe paper.  Older children will enjoy making these the way I did in the post, and toddlers and preschoolers can make theirs the way my hooligans did.



Cupcake Liner Poppy Craft - Happy Hooligans

Cupcake Liner Poppies – These poppies were also very easy to make.  The process was very similar to our painted coffee filter poppies, but there’s a nice fine-motor element to this one, making it challenging (in a good way) for preschoolers.



coffee filter and watercolour poppiesWatercolour and Coffee Filter Poppy Craft – This poppy craft is a terrific art-science experiment as well.  We had a blast exploring colour blending and water absorption one morning, and then we turned the results of our activity into these beauties.

I hope you enjoy this collection of poppies, and that you have enough time to try your favourites with your children in these last few days before Remembrance Day.

5 poppy crafts for kids

If you’d like some suggestions on how to talk to young kids about the significance of the poppy, here’s an article by Today’s Parent with some suggestions for explaining Remembrance Day to children. 


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