Marbleized Easter Egg Garland – a Fun and Easy Easter Craft for Kids

This Marbleized Egg Garland is a great Easter craft for kids of all ages. The painting process is a lot of fun, and the garland will look so pretty decorating a window or a mantel.

 I actually have quite a few Easter craft ideas for kids here on my blog, but I know your kids are going to LOVE this one!  The marbleized painting process I’ll be showing you is so fun for little ones.  Hint: it involves a box and a few golf balls and there’s a whole lot of shakin’ going on!

Marbleized Easter craft - an egg garland painted with golf balls.

What you’ll need to make your Easter Egg Garland:

  • Cardboard box (deep enough to contain your golf balls as they zing and bounce around)
  • White cardboard or card stock
  • pastel coloured paint (we used glitter paint as well)
  • 2 or 3 golf balls
  • yarn

And now for the fun part – painting with golf balls!

Cut your cardboard or paper to fit the bottom of the box, and have your child squirt, drizzle, and dab their paint onto their “canvas”.Kids pouring paint to prepare for their marbleized Easter craft.

Place your paper into the box and drop the golf balls in, and get shaking!golf balls and paint in a box for making an easter craft garland

The kids just love this part, and it can get pretty silly.  If you think things might get a little out of hand, you might want to use a box with a lid.  I find it helps to remind the hooligans to shake the box back and forth instead of bouncing it up and down.  

Now, it might not look like much at this point, but just wait until you cut some “eggs” out of your painted paper or cardboard.

.marbleized eggs for an easter egg craft

Punch a couple of holes in the top of each egg, and have your child thread their eggs onto a long length of yarn.  But wait, what if you don’t have a child’s sewing needle?
Child's sewing needle made from a drinking straw.

How to make a child’s sewing needle from a drinking straw:

Cut a plastic straw to the desired length, and make a small slit in one end.  Feed your wool through the length of the straw, and slip it into the slit to secure it in place.  

Isn’t that handy?
Marbleized Easter Egg Garland hanging from a door.

When the threading is done, drape your garland along a mantel or hang it in a window or doorway.  Happy Easter!

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  1. Lisa Butler says

    Wow! I’d love to try this idea! Perhaps I can give it a go at my next ‘Mimi Create and Make with our local toddler group? The sewing needle idea is absolutely fantastic- I used this idea to help the younger children at my recent family art session to sew ribbons and threads through holes in fruit and egg cartons, to make an Easter basket! Works a treat!!


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