coloured ice in the snow

 coloured ice cubesWant to add colour and interest to your every day winter play?  Freeze a few trays of coloured ice cubes for your children to play with in the snow!  A few weeks back I filled a few trays with water and food colouring, glass beads and sparkly crafting odds and ends.
coloured ice cubes

Then the temps turned really mild, and the only precipitation that we got for a couple of weeks came in the form of rain, so it was a while before we got to use our colourful cubes.  We finally got a decent amount of snow a few days ago, and we made the most of it because it wasn’t expected to last for long. 

We spent one morning tobogganing on our neighbour’s hill,

and the next morning (we’d received another couple of inches overnight), I set some of the coloured ice cubes outside with some spoons and containers, and sent the Hooligans out to investigate.  

Just look at the fun they had!   The scooped and stacked.  They set up a “candy store” and they baked “cakes”.  There may have even been a few free samples and some taste-testing going on.

They played with their coloured ice for over an hour, and finished off by decorating the snow-fort and the snow-slide that we had been working on.

What a simple way to have some colourful fun on a winter day!

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