Clear Glass Ornaments for Kids to Fill and Decorate

These beautiful clear glass ornaments look gorgeous when kids fill them with a handful of seasonal goodies.  So easy to make for your own Christmas tree, or a lovely homemade ornament to give as a gift.

clear glass christmas balls filled by toddlersI usually keep it to one craft on any given day because, as much as I could sit on my kitchen floor and craft ALL DAY LONG, the Hooligans do actually have a craft-overload limit.  Don’t get me wrong, quite often one of the first things they ask when they come in the door in the morning is “are we making a craft today” (ok, seriously kids, it’s December, would we ever NOT make a craft on a day in December?), but if it takes too long, some of them start to get antsy.

Anyway, this morning’s twiggy stars were so quick and easy to make (and SO adorable; did you see them?) that we crafted again this afternoon after naps.  Here’s what we did:

For this craft, you’ll get some clear glass or plastic christmas balls with a removeable top/hanger.  You’re going to fill the balls with various festive holiday goodies.  We used red, green and white buttons, red vegetable netting (that I took off the clementines last night  - I think I may be becoming a hoarder, or at the very least a pack-rat), silver tinsel, artificial snow, and artificial berries.

Give it a shake to mix things up, pop the top back on, and attach a ribbon.  Done!

Now, just a warning.  If you’re using a glass ball, the inside of the opening can be sharp, so you’ll want to use a pencil to poke your tinsel down into the ball instead of a finger (trust me, one little Hooligan went home with a band-aid).  Opt for plastic balls if you’d rather.


Happy Crafting!!!!

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