Chalk Chook, we LOVE your chalk!

Chalk Chook:  hands-down the most whimsical and vibrant sidewalk chalk we’ve ever played with!

Chalk Chook chalkRemember a few weeks back, we received a surprise package of handmade chalk from Mel at Chalk Chook? You can click here to read all about that excitement.
assorted chalks from Chalk Chook  Well, temps are finally on the rise here, and we recently took our Chalk Chook out to the front porch, and had a colourful morning testing out all the different whimsical pieces that Mel sent us.

I’m thrilled to report that it is without question the BEST sidewalk chalk we’ve ever come across!IMG_6149

When you draw with Mel’s chalk, the colours are just as brilliant on the sidewalk as they are in the pieces that you hold in your hand.  The vibrant colours remind me of oil pastels.  It was so fun to make such vivid drawings.chalk chook - vibrant colours and fun shapes

Something that I noticed when we initially opened our package from Mel, and again when we were drawing, is that Chalk Chook’s chalk doesn’t leave your hands coated in powdery dust like the commercial brands do.  Well done, Mel!IMG_6169

And somehow Mel’s chalks are denser, and seemed to last longer than the store-bought chalk we’ve always used.  Normally I can’t get through making a hopscotch with one stick of chalk, but the Chalk Chook pieces go a long way.

And the shapes, of course, were hugely popular with the hooligans.  There were stars, cars, fish and dinosaurs, to name a few, which made for a whole lot of excitement as the kids traded pieces with each other, and used their chalk pieces as toys as well as drawing instruments.IMG_6142

Are the pieces gorgeous?  Wouldn’t they be perfect for stocking stuffers, party favours and loot bags?IMG_5675

You can order some Chalk Chook of your own, directly through both their  Website and Etsy Store.  Located in Australia, they ship world-wide.

You can find Chalk Chook on Facebook too!  It’s one of the prettiest pages out there!IMG_6165

From all of us hooligans, THANKS again, Mel!!  Your chalk ROCKS!IMG_6158

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    That chalk looks fabulous! Love how striking the colours are on the cement. :) It drives me batty to watch the nephew draw something on the ground only for us to not really “see” it ’cause the colours are so faint.

  2. says

    Hey, this is great info to have! The kids on our street (including my two) are crazy about chalk drawing and continually play “ChalkWorld” where they draw out streets, stores, houses, the whole shebang on the road. But the colours have never looked this great! Thanks for the tip. :)

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