Easy Fine Motor Drop with a Wrapping Paper Tube

Turn a wrapping paper tube into a cardboard drop zone fine motor activity for toddlers!

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What do you get when you combine a sturdy cardboard tube and a roll of funk-a-delic Duck Tape?  A Cardboard Drop Zone!

cardboard drop zone - a tube and a roll of duck tape

Ok before we get started, I have to say that I am in LOVE with colourful, patterned Duck Tape.  My younger son got some in his stocking at Christmastime, and well, ummmm, he hasn’t exactly had the chance to use it, because I’ve kind of claimed it as my own.

Ok, back to the drop zone:

All you’re going to do is cover your cardboard tube with a few length-wise strips of your Duck Tape.  It took 3 strips of tape and about 5 minutes of my time to make this:

cardboard drop zone - a tube covered in duck tape brand tape

Isn’t that snazzy?

I took a couple more pieces of tape, and attached the tube to the side of our art cupboard.

cardboard drop zone tube attached to side of cupboard

Then I set out a small selection of goodies for the hooligans to drop through the tube and into the basket below.

wine corks, craft sticks and blocks for cardboard drop zone

We use wine corks, coloured craft-sticks and a few building blocks.
cardboard drop zone collage

Have a look around your toy-room, and you’ll probably come up with plenty more ideas: small plastic animals, pom poms, markers.  As long as they’ll fit in to the tube, they’ll work.

Mind you, we had some fun testing things that didn’t fit too!IMG_4285


This was a simple activity to set up, and the 3 year olds enjoyed it as much as the 1 year olds.  I think it would be fun to try this outside, in the Spring, when we can attach several tubes to our chain link fence, but this little drop-zone will keep us happy for the few weeks that we have left of winter. :)

cardboard drop zone

If you’re looking for a few more simple ways to put cardboard to good use with your hooligans, check out our Easy Indoor Cardboard Hopscotch, our nifty DIY Cardboard Construction Set, and our simple Cardboard Structures!



  1. auntie K says

    I love that you have taken an old idea and make it new with the tape! I love to read what you are doing, and bring the ideas to life here at my home daycare too! Thank you for all the fun ‘new; stuff 😉

    • happyhooligans says

      Thanks, Auntie K. Gotta love an idea that’s so super-simple too! :) Glad you’re lovin’ our ideas, and trying them with your hooligans! It makes my day when I hear that!

  2. says

    perfect! love this idea! getting into clean out the Christmas bins & remaining closet stash: this will bring some fun to our after school activities! Thank you!

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